Guide To Understanding Commercial Pilot Salary

People who aspire to be a pilot are inquisitive about a commercial pilot salary. How much does a commercial pilot make? What are the factors that determine the salary of a pilot? Not these two; there are many other questions like these that people have in their minds. Do you also want to know about the commercial pilot salary? Well, we will help you understand each aspect of a commercial pilot salary in this

What Is The Average Commercial Pilot Salary On A Global Scale?

Several factors determine the salary of a pilot globally. These are the experience level, country, aircraft type, and airline a pilot works in. However, as per the reports by International Air Transport Association (IATA), the average yearly salary for a pilot is approximately USD 89,000. However, you should consider that the above estimate is just an average. The individual salary of each pilot will differ as per the circumstances around them. In the following section of the blog, we will discuss the factors determining commercial pilot salary.

Factors Determining The Commercial Pilot Salary

Becoming a commercial airline pilot is a rewarding job. However, several variables determine the commercial pilot salary. The following points will help you understand these points in detail:

– Experience Level: The first and the most prominent factor that plays a critical role in determining your salary is experience. If you are an experienced pilot, you will get a handsome salary than entry-level pilots. Experience plays a crucial role in determining your salary. As a pilot, you will gain considerable skills. With time, you will get better and better. Hence, these skills and experience that you will gain down the road will determine your salary.

– Geographic Location: Geographic location plays a prominent role in estimating your salary. If you work in developed countries, you will get a higher salary than in developing nations. Also, as per the flights you will fly, your salary will vary accordingly. You will get a higher commercial pilot salary if you work in an international airline than a national or local one.

– Type of Employer: Yes. The type of employer is also one prominent aspect of determining your salary. The airline where you are working determines a lot. What is the growth of the airline? Where does the airline operate? Are you flying internationally? All of these questions will play a prominent role in estimating your salary. As someone who flies internationally, it is more likely that you will get an increased salary than someone who flies locally.

– Specific Job Duties: What are the responsibilities that you handle? What are the job duties that you have to manage? If you are on a particular job duty, it is a high possibility that you will be getting more for that specific flight. Also, the salaries of a commercial pilot managing the cargo and passengers are different.

Your salary will differ per the task you are performing and the circumstances around you. Therefore, these are some of the most prominent points that come into play when determining your salary. However, sometimes the skill of negotiating will also come into play. How to negotiate well? Let us talk about it in the following section.

Negotiating Tips For A Higher Commercial Pilot Salary

We will give you some tips that you can always keep in consideration to ensure that you can negotiate your salary to something higher than what you are getting at the moment.

– Experience: When you are negotiating your salary, always highlight your experience. As we see in the section above, it is a high possibility that you will get a higher salary if you have more experience. So, when negotiating your salary, remember that you highlight your expertise and experience.

– Skills: Your skills are the key to negotiating your higher salary. Hence, the more you’re skilled, the chances of getting a higher salary is more. Therefore, make sure that you display your skills while negotiating your salary.

– Qualification: Your qualification level will also be an advantage in raising your salary. You will do various courses, tests, and skill enhancement programs as a pilot. These training modules will help you to negotiate your salary to a higher level.

Therefore, these are some points you must consider when negotiating your salary. When you apply these skills in negotiating, you will certainly get a higher commercial pilot salary.

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