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    CFI Academy Training

    The CFI Academy program is conducted under FAA Part 61 . We also have a 15-hour FAA approved Part 141 program available. Flight training hours are based upon average student completion times and experience.

  • U.S. Airline Career Pilot Program

    Course completion time

    Our CFI Academy training program can be completed in usually 2-weeks of full-time flight training. Progress and completion times depend on your motivation and engagement.

  • U.S. Airline Career Pilot Program

    Admission Process

    To start the admission to CFI Flight Instructor training program, complete our enrollment form .

M16 - CFI Flight Instructor Academy 15 Dual Hrs -- Solo Hrs Package Services
Group Ground School 45 Hrs daily 5-6 Hrs.
Cessna 172R or SP 15 Hrs --
Course Materials, PHAK, Demo -- --
Spin Endorsement FAR 61.183(i)(1) --- --
Examiner Fees -- --
Written Exam FOI, CFI -- --
Total Courses Outline CFI Total Hours Flight 15 Total Hours Ground 45 FIXED PRICE

CFI Flight Instructor Requirements


18 years to begin

Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot Certificate


3rd Class FAA Medical for flight training

International Flight Students

M1 Student Visa/ Form I-20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our flight school has partnered with Meritize to offer competitive flight training financing and flight student loan options. You can find detailed information about our flight training financing options here.

Domestic flight students get the airline required 1500 hours flight time usually by working as CFI Flight Instructor. Our flight school hires all eligible graduates or provides a conditional job offer as CFI.

Our flight school offers fast track CFI flight instructor courses. Become a CFI flight instructor in as little as two weeks. Required are Commercial Pilot Certificate and certain flight training endorsements.

Our CFI Academy program is set to be completed within 2-weeks of full-time training

We provide a conditional job offer to all eligible CFI graduates. M1 Visa students are not allowed to work. U.S. Citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident Status and/or work authorization for the U.S. are required.

Our program includes flight- and ground training times required by Federal Aviation Administration minimum requirements to complete each course module. We have added all known fees, such as TSA, theoretical and practical exam fees and other expenses to present a realistic course outline.

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