Next CFI Class Date

December 14, 2022

Seats available: 12 of 15

CFI Flight Instructor Training

Our fast track initial CFI flight instructor raining is provided as 2 week- CFI Academy at the best flight school in the USA. The program designed to prepare future airline pilots in two weeks for the FAA Certified Flight Instructor practical exam and is consisting of daily ground school, one-on-one instruction in an AATD and in one of our Cessna 172SP with Garmin 1000 cockpit.

With flight training and pilot demand on the rise, we have designed our initial CFI flight instructor fast-track program to provide solid and standarized Flight Instructor Training.

Financing is available for most of our career courses. We also offer academic programs with Liberty University and many of our programs are GI Bill approved.

We provide conditional flight instructor job offers to all of our graduates and have established direct entry pathways with most U.S. Regional Airlines.

Become a Certified Flight Instructor today!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Florida Flyers soon.

CFI Flight Instructor Training requirements

  • All-inclusive Program

  • State-of-the-art training equipment

  • Must have FOI Written Exam completed or ready to take

  • Must have CFI written completed or ready to take

  • Must have Spin-endorsement*

Two week CFI Academy C172R or C172SP* Included
Initial CFI Certificate
40 Hours Total - daily 5-6 hours Group Ground School
Dual Redbird AATD Training (5 hours)
Dual Cessna 172R or SP CFI Training (10 hours)
Dual End-of-Course Flight (1.5 hours)
Briefing and Debriefing times
Course Materials, AFH, PHAK, Demonstration
Course Fee $7,900
Not included
Spin Endorsement FAR 61.183 (i) (1) (about $550 C172R)
SEVIS I-901 and other fees
FAA Examiner Fees, usually $1,000
Written Exam FOI and CFI ($160 per written)

CFI Training

All of the training listed above is provided under FAR Part 61. FOI written, CFI written and Spin endorsement are required. Study materials are included. Classes fill up quickly.

Training Deposit

At Florida Flyers, we do not expect large upfront payments before starting your flight training. Our business is based on trust, loyalty and fairness. However, for the CFI class we require a down payment of $2,000 to reserve your spot.


While staying with us in sunny Florida, we are glad to assist you in finding a reasonable priced place to stay. Please ask one of our Admission Specialists about our housing options.

Spin Endorsement?

A spin endorsement in accordance with FAR 61.183 (i)(1) is required. If you do not have completed your spin-training, we will be happy to provide the training to you for an extra fee.

Enrollment Checklist Requirements
Age 18 years to begin
Pilot Certificate Commercial Pilot Certificate
Medical valid 2nd Class FAA Medical
Language You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Written and Endorsements FAA FOI Written, FAA CFI Written, Spin-endorsement FAR 61.183 (i)(1)
Foreign Flight Students Student Visa/ Form I-20