G.I. Bill appoved Flight Training

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer GI Bill and Veterans Affairs sponsored flight training programs.

Starting with the Federal Aviation Administration Part 141 approved Instrument Rating (Airplane) to Commerial Pilot (Airplane) Single or Muli Engine Certificate or Certified Flight Instructor Certificate(s).

We offer competetively priced and high-quality flight training programs. 

All of our Flight Instructor Graduatates will receive a conditional job offer. With established pathways to most U.S. Regional Airlines, Florida Flyers Flight Academy is proud of its post-graduation job-placement rate.

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GI Bill®

Veteran Flight Training

Florida Flyers Flight Academy is approved to train Veterans (GI Bill®), Service members and Reservists under provision of Chapter 36, Title 38, U.S. Code, Section 3676 with Facility Code 2-5-2505-10.

Reimbursements of Training Costs are approved for Chapters 30, 1606 or 1607 and Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®).

Enrollment Policy and Approved Training Courses

Credit Evaluation

A written record of any previous training will be maintained in the student’s electronic file.  The Chief Flight Instructor, Asst. Chief Flight Instructor or the Flight School Management will grant credit as appropriate for all previous training and shorten the veterans, servicemembers or reservists flight course proportionately. Even when an FAA regulation indicates that it is not required, an analysis of prior credit must be performed for the purpose of VA payment.  Evaluation of prior credit may be based upon a review of training records and other transcripts, oral and/or written examination, flight check or a combination thereof.  Any credit granted shall be indicated on an enrollment certification, and the student shall be notified.

Medical Certification

Veterans, servicemembers, and reservists may receive educational benefits for flight training provided that they hold a Class II medical certificate which is still valid for second class privileges upon enrollment.  A student pursuing an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) course must hold a current Class I medical certification upon enrollment.  There is no waiver of this requirement.  No benefits can be paid for any part of a course even if a valid medical certificate is obtained during the course.  Students who dis-enroll from a course, obtain a valid medical certificate, then re-enroll may be paid VA educational benefits only for the remainder of the course after re-enrollment.

Enrollment Policy

Students may enroll on any day school is in session. Veterans, servicemembers or reservists may be enrolled in only one flight course at a time. Students must posses the appropriate ratings and/or certificates and must meet the medical requirements for pilot certificate at the time training begins. A veteran, servicemember or reservist must be in pursuit of a vocational objective in aviation.

Approved Courses

Instrument Rating

35 Hours dual instruction
30 Hours ground training
8.75 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 13,793.75

Commercial Single Engine

65 Hours solo flight time
56 Hours dual flight time
35 Hours ground training
30.25 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 36,321.25

Commercial Special Curriculum

41 Hours dual instruction
34.3 Hours ground training
10.25 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 16,086.75

Commercial Multi Engine

15 Hours dual instruction
15 Hours ground training
3.75 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 8,343.75

Flight Instructor

25 Hours dual instruction
40 Hours ground training
6.25 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 11,431.25

Flight Instructor Instrument

15 Hours dual instruction
16 Hours ground training
3.75 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 6,178.75

Flight Instructor Multi Engine

28 Hours dual instruction
20 Hours ground training
7.00 Hours Pre-and Post
$ 14,895.00


Chapters 30, 1606 or 1607:

The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs will reimburse an eligible veteran, servicemember or reservist (eligible under Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607) for approved dual and solo flight training, ground school and pre/post briefings at the rate of 60%. The allowance is paid monthly by VA to the student based upon actual training certified by the flight school as indicated on VA Form 22-6553c, “Monthly Certification of Flight Training”. Entitlement is charged based on the rate of one month for a benefit amount equal to the full-time institutional rate (plus dependents where applicable).

Chapter 33:

For those persons eligible under Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®) at the 100% level, VA will reimburse the school an amount equal to all approved monthly charges for dual, solo, ground school and pre/post hours up to $11,562.82 per academic year (August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017; previously, $10,970.46 per academic year for August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016). For those eligible at less than the 100% level, the appropriate percentage of total monthly charges will be paid to the school. NOTE: In each case above, payments are limited by the amount of entitlement the student has remaining and no payments will be made for any training conducted on or after the student’s delimiting date.


  • Chapter 33 student eligible at the 90% level for the reporting period 5/1/16 – 4/30/17
  • Total cost of training to student this reporting period = $1,500.
  • $1,500 x 90% = $1,350 reimbursed to the school for this reporting period. The remaining $150 in charges is the responsibility of the veteran


  • Chapter 33 student eligible at the 100% level for the reporting period 5/1/16 – 5/31/16 total cost of training to student this reporting period = $1,700
  • Student has already used $10,000 of his flight entitlement for the academic year
  • VA will pay the school $1,562.82, his remaining entitlement for the year, and the $137.18 left unpaid is the responsibility of the veteran


  • Other chapters:  Reporting period 05/01/16 – 05/31/16
  • Total cost of training to student this reporting period = $1,500
  • $1,500 x 60% = $900 reimbursed to the student this reporting period

No reimbursement is made for books, examination fees, or other charges.  Additional hours for FAA check rides may not be reimbursed for a flight course unless the FAA requires that a licensed pilot be present during the flight test.  Advanced pay is not authorized for flight training courses.

Maximum Reimbursable Cost

Maximum reimbursable costs are based on the most expensive aircraft approved for a particular course. For example, the Instrument Rating course is approved for 35 hours of flight training in different aircraft but the most popular aircraft used is the 180 horsepower Cessna 172SP G1000 aircraft at $155.00 per hour.  However, a student will sometimes train utilizing a less expensive aircraft such as the Cessna 172P/N, or Piper Warrior PA28-161.  Specific aircraft rates are available in the course descriptions contained in this bulletin and prices may vary (but can not exceed VA approved limits) according to current fuel prices and aircraft availability.

Maximum reimbursable cost pricing is a means of providing more flexibility to flight school operators and students for designing an instructional program within the limitations of an FAA approved TCO and the law regarding payment of Veterans benefits.


For VA purposes, simulator training is flight training.

For more information or for resolution of specific payment problems the veteran, servicemember, reservist or ToE beneficiary should call the VA nationwide toll free number:  1-888-442-4551 or submit a written inquiry in VA’s Web based inquiry system at: https://gibill.custhelp.com/