Flight Training Aircraft

Valid from January 1, 2022

Aircraft Make and Model
Total Fleet Size 25
Single Engine
Cessna 152 • Visual Flight Rules
• Standard Avionics
Cessna 172SP/R Garmin 1000 • Instrument Flight Rules
• Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit WAAS
• Autopilot KLN 94 or G69
• Satellite Radio
Multi Engine
Piper Seminole Garmin 1000 NGX Multi Engine • Instrument Flight Rules
• Garmin 1000
• 4 Seats
• 2x Constant Speed Propeller
• Retractable Landing Gear
Flight Training Devices
Redbird AATD • up to 20 Hours Instrument Training
• Private Pilot Training
• Commercial Training

Terms and Conditions

All business is based on the Florida Flyers Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change our rates at any time without prior notice.

Fuel and Taxes

Our rates include fuel. Flight Training is exempt from the Florida Sales Tax of currently 6.5%. Aircraft rental is subject to Florida Sales Tax.

Insurance Requirements for Aircraft Rental

Pilot Certificate w/ Category and Class Valid
Medical Valid
Florida Flyers Terms and Conditions Accepted and signed
Checkout with Florida Flyers Flight Instructor Every 60 days after the last flight in the Make and Model
Customer Deductible 10% of aircraft value i.e. Cessna 152 = $5,500
Single Engine Fixed Landing Gear Requirements Met
Garmin 1000 Aircraft (VFR/IFR) 15 Hours experience in the aircraft (and)
Checkout at Florida Flyers with CFI  2-5 Hours in the aircraft
Customer deductible 10% of aircraft value i.e. Cessna 172 G1000 = $30,000