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    Philippines Pilot School Program

    Our Philippines Pilot program is an FAA approved Part 141 training flight training program and meets all Philippines CAA requirements to valdiate and convert to a Philippines CAA Pilot License from an ICAO license. Our Flight training hours are based upon FAA minimum requirements.

  • Philippines Pilot Course duration

    The Philippines pilot school training USA program may be completed in 4-6 months of full-time flight and ground training. Our international flight students from the Philippines usually complete the commerical pilot program within 8-10 months. Progress and completion times depend on the flight student's motivation and engagement.

  • Flight School Admission Process

    The admission to the Philippines Pilot flight training program can be started with completing our enrollment form enrollment form and pay the admission fee. Upon receipt of all required documents, our SEVP DSO will issue the DHS form I-20 required to obtain the M1 student visa

M1 - Private Pilot Training 25 Dual Hrs 11.5 Solo Hrs Package Services
Cessna 152 (Pilot weight limit 185lbs)25 Hrs11.5 Hrs
Online Ground School35 Hrs--
Class Room Ground5 Hrs--
Briefing/Debriefing5 Hrs--
M2 - Instrument Rating 40 Dual Hrs 1.5 Solo Hrs Package Services
Cessna 172 P/N40 Hrs1.5 Hrs
Online Ground School35 Hrs--
Class Room Ground5 Hrs--
Briefing/Debriefing5 Hrs--
M3 - Hour Building 0 Dual Hrs 18 PIC Hrs Package Services
Cessna 152 (Pilot weight limit 185lbs)--18 Hrs
M4 - Commercial Pilot Part 141.55(e) 41 Dual Hrs 1.5 Solo Hrs Package Services
Cessna 172 G100032 Hrs1.5 Solo Hrs.
AATD Redbird9--
Online Ground School35 Hrs--
Class Room Ground23 Hrs--
Briefing/Debriefing5 Hrs--
M5 - Multi Engine Rating 10 Dual Hrs 1.5 Solo Hrs Package Services
Piper Seneca III10 Hrs1.5 Hrs
Class Room Ground3 Hrs--
Briefing/Debriefing2 Hrs--
Other Training Expenses
International Students TSA Foreign
International Students Fingerprinting NATA
FAA Medical Exam
Monthly Account Maintenance
Training Materials
FAA Examiner fees
FAA Written Exam
Enrollment Fees
Total Philippines Pilot School Program Total Hours Flight 150 Total Hours Ground 135


  • 18 years old.
  • CAA 1st Class Medical
  • Equivialent ICAO Pilot License

17 years to begin; 18 years to receive the Commercial Pilot Certificate

Pilot Certificate

Student Pilot Certificate


3rd Class FAA Medical for flight training, 1st or 2nd class FAA Medical to exercise privileges of Commerical Pilot


You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language. Meet FAA AC60-28.

Non-U.S. Citizen

TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & ME

Foreign Flight Students

M1 Student Visa/ Form I-20

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer flight schools as international student? Within the first six months of your arrival, you can easily transfer from one flight school to another flight academy by just contacting the flight school’s SEVIS Designated School Official and request a school-out transfer to another SEVIS approved flying school. Once the School Official has initiated the flight school transfer, the new flight academy will be able to see and transfer your DHS Form I-20.

Just simply complete the flight training enrollment form and follow the steps of our international flight training admission guide to obtain a DHS Form I-20 and M1 Studen Visa.


Our flight training and commercial pilot programs start as low as $39,000 and includes up to 250 hours of professional flight time at our flight school.

At our pilot school, you can become a commercial pilot in as little as 134 hours with our FAA approved Part 141 flight training courses. However, many countires require between 200 and 250 hours total flight time as commercial pilot.

You must be at least 17 years old to earn your Private Pilot Certificate and at least 18 years to become a commercial pilot. To start your flight training at our flight academy, just start your enollment here

Our pilot school is approved to enroll non-immigrant students. Once your enrollment is received and other criteria such as proof of funds to study aviation in the U.S. are met, you will receive your Form I-20 to apply for an M1 flight student visa.

To become a Commercial Pilot at our flight school, full-time international flight students will need between 4 and 6 months to complete our program. However, as M1 flight student, you may complete the flight training program in one year or less.

There are two different visa types issued by flight schools in the USA. Depending on the flight academy’s approval, either M1 flight student visa or F1 flight student visa are being issued. Florida Flyers Flight Academy is approved to enroll non-immigrant M1 students.

Florida Flyers offers many fast track flight training options. With our FAA approved Part 141 course you will be able to earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate in as little as 134 hours of flight time. Our flight school offers many fast track flight training programs.

Our flight school does NOT offer flight training scholarships at this time. There are many scholarships and grants available to domestic flight students. The FAA website provides more information about available flight training scholarships and grants.

Our flight school and international aviation academy is specialized in flight training to international flight students from Egypt. We have trained hundreds of pilots from Egypt and other Middle East countries. We have earned an outstanding reputation among the Egypt airlines.

Our flight school is specialized in flight training to international flight students from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. With hundreds of flight students from Saudi Arabia trained, we have earned an excellent reputation with Airlines in Saudi Arabia.

Our flying school offers special flight training programs to international flight students from India. Our India flight training programs are designed to meet DGCA flight training standards and are customized for Indian flight students. Our flight student programs for India start around $39,000 and are the most competively priced flight school programs in the U.S.

Our flight school is one of a few flight acadmies in the USA to provide full EASA (modular) ATPL flight training. With our EASA ATPL program you will earn both, FAA Commercial Pilot Multi Engine and EASA (frozen) ATPL much faster and less expensive than in Europe.

Our flight school accepts all domestic and international flight students. As international flight student with an M1 flight student visa, you may transfer flight schools within the first six months of your flight training. We gladly assist with your M1 visa transfer to our flight academy.

Our flight school is approved to provide GI Bill flight training to Veterans under the post 9/11 bill. Except for the initial Private Pilot training, most of the flight training can be reimbursed under the GI Bill. You can find detailed information about the GI Bill flight training here.

How to becoming an airline pilot in USA? Our flight academy offers many Commerical Pilot flight training courses. Domestic flight students may add the CFI Certified flight instructor rating to their commercial pilot certificate and accumulate the required 1500 hours of flight time while working as CFI for our flight school.

Our flight school offers flight training programs to many international flight students from Nigeria. With fast track flight training courses starting around $39,000 for 250 hours of total flight time, our flight school programs are the most competively priced commercial pilot programs in the USA.