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Airline P141 Program
Zero to Commercial Multi Engine Program P141

  • P141 Syllabus • 4 Months • Easy Installments

Airline P61 Program
Zero to Commercial Multi Engine Crew P61

  • Part 61 Outline • 7 Months • Easy Installments

FAA CPL Multi Engine & EASA ATPL Program

  • Part 141 • EASA Distance Learning


Most questions arise during research for the best and most suitable program. The Florida Flyers Admissions Team and the Florida Flyers Welcome Team are here to assist you with any questions and/or concerns you may have. Request more information, require further information about the Admission process or Student Housing options.

Contact our Welcome Team:

WhatsApp: +1.904.540.9335

Skype: +1.904.540.9335 Florida Flyers


Florida Flyers is now partner with Skywest Airlines and ExpressJet and has established a Path Program for Florida Flyers Graduates and Certified Flight Instructors. Please click on the Logo to learn more.


I was very impressed from initial contact with the Florida Flyers Team right through to my arrival in St Augustine, Florida for flight training. The staff were very helpful and I had a great instructor who pushed me to achieve my goal of PPL in 3 weeks training.  The school itself was conveniently located at St Augustine Airport with a nice air conditioned and well equipped building.
When we arrived at Florida Flyers we were received like a family member and felt very comfortable during the entire time of your stay. This is the place to be. From the very first moment at Florida Flyers I felt extremely comfortable. The entire Florida Flyers Team was there for me and my family almost 24/7. I could not have found a better flight school. Competent and well-experienced flight instructors as well as a friendly and supporting office crew! I will be back soon!

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Florida Flyers would like to congratulate Omar Kurdi for passing his Private Ck-ride w/ FAA Examiner Bob Link the other day! #pplckridepass #pplflying #pplpilot #ffmiddleeast ... See MoreSee Less


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Where he from

Great job Mohammad Bin Jamaludin for passing your Instrument Ck-ride w/FAA Examiner Bob Link today!#irckridepass #irpilot #irflying #ffirckridepass ... See MoreSee Less


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اكاديميه الجميل للطيران مطار الجميل ببورسعيد

Roger Condominas did a great job passing his Private Ck-ride w/FAA Examiner Jay Lawrence today!#pplckridepass #pplflying #pplpilottlife #pplpilot ... See MoreSee Less


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ايه تفاصيل الدراسه وماهي اشروط

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