Fast-track flight training – Airline Pilot Program

Start your career at the best flight academy and top rated flight school in Florida.

Our international flight student first-time pass rate is over 95%. Our large aircraft fleet will allow fast course completion.

5-month program • Fastest in the industry • FAA Part 141 approved course

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Class Dates

High Training Quality

9 out of 10 Florida Flyers Flight Academy Graduates from FAA approved Part 141 Courses are passing their FAA Practical Exams on the first attempt as a direct result of our high training standards and training practices.

Flight Instructor Ratio

With a Flight Instructor – Student Ratio of 1:2 to 1:3 you will get at least two training flights per day. Efficiently planned training schedules will lead to shorter completion times. Take advantage of our Fast Track concept.

International Admission

Speak with one of our international student admission specialists to discuss your goals, time-line, learn more about the enrollment process including International Student Visa. Welcome aboard the Florida Flyers Team.

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Fixed price flight school USA Florida,  Florida Flyers Flight Academy, the #1 rated flight school in the U.S. Sign up for your success. No upfront payments, no large deposits are required. Our business is based on trust, transparency and fairness. We have trained hundreds of Airline Pilots, hired by major Airlines worldwide. 

Florida Flyers has an excellent reputation for fast and effective flight training. The Florida Flyers flight training quality is among the highest in the industry. Become a Florida Flyer today.

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Preferred Airline Flight School

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been selected by two major regional carriers to be their preferred flight school, offering our pilots, graduates and alumni entry into a pilot path program which includes early entry and seniority at these airlines. Florida Flyers Flight Academy pilots have been exceeding airline training quality standards and are being hired by domestic and international airlines. Hundreds of Florida Flyers graduates are flying at domestic and international airlines.

Student Living

Live with other flight studentsin our Florida Flyers Apartments. Single rooms are being rented for $450 per month. Contact flight school admission for more information.

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Student Resource Center

Find all Documents, Policies, Information about your Flight Training and important updates at the Florida Flyers Student Resource Center.

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More information about the Florida Flyers Transportation options. We offer many options for your daily transportation to the flight school campus and our flight training facilities.

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Information about the flight school admission and enrollment process. How to obtain an international flight student visa and Form I-20, information about our class dates.

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