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Welcome to Florida Flyers Flight Academy

Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc. is the best flight school and aviation academy located in sunny Florida, USA. We are one of the highest rated flying schools and aviation academies in the United States. With our unique flight training programs for international and domestic flight students, we offer Federal Aviation Administration approved FAR Part 141 aviation training courses and EASA European Airline Tranport Pilot Licensing flight training.  We are one out of a very few aviation academies in the U.S. offering a large variety of international flight training programs, such as our India Flight Training Program, Flight Training for Egypt and Flight School Program for Saudia.

Our international flight academy is located in sunny Saint Augustine, Florida,  nations oldest city,  offering many activities around the historic downtown area.

Our modern aviation academy flight training aircraft fleet, equipped with modern Garmin 1000 Glass cockpits is the ideal flight training environment with an easy transition into an airline cockpit.

Competetively priced flight training programs and a professional aviation training facility for both, domestic and international flight students, has built our reputation as one of the best flight academies around the globe. With tailored flight training packages, we provide the highest airline flight training quaility. Our first-attempt pass rate has been continuesly above the 90% mark.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at the Florida Flyers Flight Academy Campus. Start your aviation pilot career now and  Enroll today.

We are the #1 and the flight school USA Florida,  Florida Flyers Flight Academy, one of the largest flight schools and the best aviation academy in Florida and in the U.S. Sign up for your success. over 5000 flight students have graduated from our airline pilot programs. Most pilots were hired by major Airlines worldwide. 

Florida Flyers has an excellent reputation for fast and effective flight training. The Florida Flyers flight training quality is among the highest in the industry. Become a part of the best flight school in the U.S. and the top aviation academy today.

Hiring flight school Graduates

Florida Flyers is able to provide a conditional job offer to all eligible flight school Graduates of our Certified Flight Instructor Program. (U.S. Citizen, Legal Permanent Residents and holder of a U.S. Work Permit. Start our Zero to Certified Flight Instructor Course today. The U.S. is facing one of the largest pilot shortages in history. 

Flight Academy and Liberty University

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has partnered with Liberty University for your career in aviation. Liberty University offers a variety of aviation related and also VA approved programs, Military Scholarships, GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon program and more. Finde more information about these programs here.

Flight School – Highest Pilot demand 

The demand for pilots is on the rise. In 2022, the pilot shortage forces air carriers to compete whith high salaries for entry level pilots. Start your career now at Florida Flyers and joing the airlines at the peak of pilot demand. Enroll in our most competitvely priced airline career programs today.

Selecting the best Flight School

Selecting a flight school for your flight training in the U.S. can be very confusing. We are one of the largest, the best flight school in the USA and a top rated Airline Training Academy. Many flight schools have different programs, making it challenging to compare pricing and the flight training hours included in a program. Florida Flyers Flight Academy has clear program structures and pricing. Over years we have been among the most competitive priced flight schools and flight academies in the U.S.

Best Flight School USA FAA and EASA Training

Most flight schools in the U.S. with the ability to accept international flight students and issue form I-20’s to obtain an M1 flight student visa are Federal Aviation Administration approved under FAR Part 141. Florida Flyers Flight Academy is the best flight school USA and one of a very few flight training provider in the U.S. to provide EASA European flight training in the U.S. We offer complete EASA ATPL training courses. Perfect weather conditions allow fast completion times.

Flight School Aircraft Fleet

Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers a large variety of flight training aircraft. With many airplanes available, continued progress within the estimated training outline is guaranteed. State-of-the-art Glass Cockpits are available for your entire pilot training. Advanced training devices or simulators provide the same cockpit environment on the ground to accelerate your flight training. Reasonable and competitive pricing and equipment choices are the tools to your flight training success.

Pilot Success Stories

With over 5,000 flight students trained at the best flight school USA, most of our pilots have become successful airline pilots. We have trained flight students from all over the world. As EASA flight training facility, many flight students joined us from Europe. Over 400 graduate pilots have been hired by major Middle Eastern Airlines, such as EgyptAir or Saudia. Read about Daniel Ritter. Daniel started his flight training at Florida Flyers a few years ago and is now Captain. He flew for Air Berlin and many other Airlines.

High Training Quality

Over 90% of all Florida Flyers flight school graduates from FAA approved Part 141 Courses are passing their FAA Practical Exams on the first attempt as a direct result of our high training standards and training practices.

Flight Instructor Ratio

At the best flight school USA, an efficient Flight Instructor – Student Ratio will ensure a large number of flight sessions during your entire stay. Efficiently planned training schedules will lead to shorter completion times. Take advantage of our approved flight training concept.

International Admission

Speak with one of our international student admission specialists to discuss your goals, time-line, learn more about the enrollment process including International Student Visa. Welcome aboard the best flight school USA and the Florida Flyers Team.

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