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    How to start Private Pilot Training

    The Private Pilot is the initial pilot license to start flying for non-commercial purposes. At our Aviation School, Private Pilot flight training is usually conducted under FAA Part 141 and is consisting of a minimum of 35 hours of flight training and 35 hours of Private Pilot Ground School. Our flight academy is approved to substitute the required one-on-one Ground School training with an approved Private Pilot Online Ground School Course.

  • U.S. Airline Career Pilot Program

    How much are the Private Pilot License Cost

    Private Pilot License Cost may vary depending on the actual Private Pilot flight training time needed to get the Private Pilot License. Our flight school Private Pilot Cost are calculated based upon FAA Federal Aviation Administration minimum requirements for the Private Pilot License Part 141 Course. The average cost for the Private Pilot License are $6,832.50 If additional flight time or ground school time is needed, these flight training services will be charged according to our flight school's current price list.

  • How fast is Private Pilot (PPL)

    If the Private Pilot flight training is conducted in full-time, aspiring Private Pilots may complete our accelerated PPL training is as little as 4-6 weeks. This is one of the fastest Private Pilot (PPL) training in the area. The average PPL flight training time in the U.S. is about 50-60 hours of flight time. With 2-4 flights per week, the Private Pilot flight training is usually being completed within 2-3 months.

  • How to get the Private Pilot training started

    To get started with the Florida Flyers Flight Academy Private Pilot flight training program, complete our enrollment form and pay the admission fee. International Private Pilot flight students will received their DHS Form I-20 to obtain the M1 student visa after all required documents have been provided.

Private Pilot Hours 25 Dual Hrs 11.5 Solo Hrs Package Services
Cessna 15222.5 Hrs11.5 Hrs
AATD2.5 Hrs--
Briefing and Debriefing5 Hrs--
Online Ground School35 Hrs--
Other Private Pilot Cost
International Students TSA
International Students Fingerprinting NATA
FAA Medical Exam
Monthly Account Maintenance
Training Materials
FAA Examiner fees
FAA Written Exam
Enrollment fees
6,832.50 Private Pilot License Hour requirements 35 Hours Private Pilot Flight35 Hours Private Pilot Ground

Private Pilot License Requirements

Private Pilot Age Requirement

Start flight training at any time, 17 years of age at the time of the PPL Private Pilot practical exam

Private Pilot Student Pilot License

Student Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot License Medical Requirements

3rd Class FAA Medical for flight training

Private Pilot Language Requirements

You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language. Meet FAA AC60-28.

Non-U.S. Citizen Private Pilots

TSA Clearance for Private Pilot Training

International Private Pilot (PPL) Students

M1 Student Visa/ Form I-20

Florida Flyers
Private Pilot (PPL)

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Private Pilot FAQs

How to find a flight school in Jacksonville? How to find a flight school near me? Florida Flyers Flight Academy is located in the greater Jacksonville area. We are located at St. Augustine Airport and provide Private Pilot License flight training, Instrument Rating Courses, Commercial Pilot flight training. We are FAA Part 141 approved and VA approved for GI Bill Veterants pilot training. We also have PSI FAA testing on site.

How to pay for flight training is one of the most asked questions. Beside saving up money for your flight school, research aviation scholarships, grants and other resourses. You can also apply for flight training financing.

How to be ready for the first solo flight? The key word is consistency. Performing the required tasks and maneuvers including aircraft emergency procedures, loss of radio communication, stall prevention and awareness consistently up to FAA standards will get you close to your first solo flight.

Are you the best flight school USA? We consider us as one of the best flight schools in the USA and worldwide. Our hight training standards and certificatations, from FAA Part 141 to EASA combined with our fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft are top-notch.

Redbird AATD Flight Simulators are approved for Instrument Rating, Instrument Proficiency checks, Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot training and Multi Engine Rating. It has a steam gauge or Garmin 1000 cockpit and can be configured for single engine land or multi engine land airplanes. The Redbird AATD is approved for up to 20 hours of Instrument Rating in FAA Part 61, 40% of Instrument Training under FAR Part 141 and much more. We operate a Redbird AATD at our best flight academy.

How to find a flight school near me? Research flight schools, pilot schools, aviation schools and flight academies in your region. Contact the flight school and schedule a visit. Visit the flight school and tour the facility. Check out the flight training airplanes. Speak with a Certified Flight Instructor.

How to get admission to flight school? 4 steps to get admission. Step 1: Fill out admission form. Step 2: Receive Cost Estimate for flight training. Step 3: Submit proof of flight training funds available. Step 4: Receive DHS Form I-20 for the flight student visa.

How to transfer M1 Visa? International flight students that have not been in the USA for more than six months can request a SEVIS SEVP school-out procedure. Please contact us to receive an acceptance letter prior to transferring your M1 Visa to us.

How much is Private Pilot? Our Private Pilot training is about $7,900 and FAA Part 141 approved. FAA minimum course requirements are 35 hours of flight training and 35 of Private Pilot Ground School (Online Ground School). The cost of Private Pilot training are based upon minimum requirements and aircraft selected.