Acing Exam after Commercial Pilot Training

The written exam for commercial pilot training is a vital step before you can obtain your commercial pilot’s license. The exam will determine whether you have the required knowledge of topics related to commercial aviation, like aircraft systems, navigation, and regulations. The license will prove your eligibility to fly an airplane and is a requisite for the hiring process.
Passing this exam will allow you to go one step closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Once you complete your commercial pilot training and pass the written exam and the practical flight test, you can obtain a commercial pilot’s license.

This article will help you ace your exam by discussing the tips and tricks that will help you. We will discuss the exam format, like the number of questions, question types, etc. Then we will move to the practical strategies that will help you study smartly and focus on critical concepts. Lastly, we will explore ways to manage your anxiety so that you are fully prepared for the exam.

First, You Should Understand the Exam Format

The first step to ace your exam is to understand the format. The commercial pilot written exam is an MCQ type of test. It is computer-based and covers several topics related to your commercial pilot training. You need complete knowledge of aircraft systems, navigation, weather, and regulations.

The number of questions and time limit can vary depending on which exam you are attempting.

The minimum percentage required to pass the commercial pilot exam is 70%. The result is available immediately upon completion. You can retake the test if you don’t pass, but it is only after a certain amount of time, mostly 14 days.

Some basic guidelines exist for test takers when they appear for the exam. Some of them are:

1. Carry your government-issued photo ID to the center.
2. Please refrain from carrying personal belongings since they are not permitted in the exam hall.
3. Cheating or any other form of malicious behavior will be punished, possibly leading to legal consequences.

Be mindful of these tips and prepare smartly for the exam.

Tips to Study Efficiently for the Exam

Everyone works hard for the commercial pilot exam. You are taught everything in your commercial pilot training, but then what sets apart the people who pass the exam from the ones who don’t? Well, it is smartwork. Here are some tips to maximize your potential to clear the exam. You need to cover all the essential topics and retain the information without feeling burnout.

Create a Study Schedule

Before you start studying, plan your schedule. A plan will help you monitor your progress and complete everything on time with ample time for revision. It will help you divide your time judiciously and allow enough time to cover all the necessary topics.

Divide your Sessions

Once you have set your schedule, divide your time into small sessions with breaks. It is impossible to cram all the information in one long session. Instead, break your time into smaller chunks and take breaks in between to keep your mind fresh for retaining information effectively.

Use the Right Material

Much study material is available for preparation, like online courses, books, guides, and study groups. Use the source or combination of sources that suit your study style.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Try to solve as many old examination papers, sample papers, and questionnaires as possible to get a grip on the exam. It will prepare you for the final test and make you comfortable with the questions that come in the exam.

Focus on Important Topics

Prioritize key topics and prepare them to perfection. Instead of studying all the subjects, focusing on the most critical topics is better. It will avoid information overload and help you retain information.

Lastly, Learn to Manage Test-Day Anxiety

You can get overwhelmed with all the preparation, which is entirely normal. However, you should know how to manage your stress during the preparations and on the big day as well. Thankfully, there are some strategies that you can employ to manage your stress and stay calm.

Deep Breathing

It is the most effective way to calm your mind and body. Take a few deep breaths whenever you feel stressed. The air should go down to your abdomen. It is advisable to practice breathwork regularly to reduce stress levels in your body naturally.


Positive talk is the best way to tell your brain you are okay. Repeat positive affirmations like, ‘I have prepared well’ or ‘I am confident that I will pass the exam’ to yourself daily and believe in them.


Imagine yourself happy at having passed your exam. Visualization is a powerful tool to manage your anxiety and also stay motivated.

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