Student Pilot License

The FAA has changed the regulations for the issuance of Student Pilot Certificates. Before April 1, 2016 the Student Pilot Certificate was issued on the back of the FAA Medical. Student Pilot Certificates are required for Solo Flights during the Private Pilot Training.

Starting April 1, 2016 the Student Pilot Certificates can be issued by a Florida Flyers representative or Florida Flyers Flight Instructor using the FAA online system IACRA. However, the application will now be vetted by TSA before the Student Pilot Certificate may be issued.

This process can take 4 weeks or more. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply for the Student Pilot Certificate right after submitting your Enrollment to us.

Student Pilot License for a Stand-Alone U.S. PPL

If you will not have your foreign PPL or ICAO PPL recognized by the FAA prior to conducting the up-to-standards training with us, you will also need a Student Pilot Certificate.

Usually the up-to-standards training to obtain a stand-alone Private Pilot Certificate based on your previous experience and flight time takes only a few days. Thus, it is important to apply for the Student Pilot Certificate at the time of your enrollment.

Applying for a Student License

The Student Pilot License is required for Solo Flights during Private Pilot Training.
Step 1 Submit the Enrollment Form
Step 2 Register – Fill out your application in IACRA
Please note that you will need the IACRA FTN Number for all FAA Certificate or Rating applications later on. Please store the FTN Number and your credentials in a safe place.
Step 3 Please check the following on Page 3 in IACRA:Check here if your Special Mailing Address is different from your Residential Address or Mailing Address
Step 4 Please use the Florida Flyers Address as “other mailing address”: Florida Flyers, 4730 Casa Cola Way, Suite 100, St. Augustine, FL 32095
Step 5 Please send us your FTN Number and Application Number for the Student Pilot Certificate via this form