We are the top-rated and best Flight Academy and top best flight school in the USA. Our fast-track Commercial Pilot Program is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration FAA under FAR Part 141. We are the only Flight Academy in America offering an FAA approved fast-track program, starting with the PPL Private Pilot Certificate, over to IFR Instrument Rating to Commercial Pilot Single and Multi Engine Airplane in as little as 111 hours of total flight time. This flight training course is approved by the FAA under FAR Part 141.55(e).

Our programs start with the PPL Private Pilot License. The PPL is the first step to becoming a pilot. After graduation from our PPL Course, the next step is the IFR Instrument Rating, followed by the Commercial Pilot License Single and/or Multi Engine . Learn to fly and start at our Flight Academy today with the leading aviation school in America. Start with your PPL Private Pilot Certificate today. We are excited to meet you for the first step, your Private Pilot PPL License at our flight school soon. Start your admission process today and become an Airline Pilot!