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Country: South Korea
Official Website: Korea Office of Civil Aviation
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): 대한민국 국토해양부 항공정책실

Know in Detail About The National Aviation Authority Of South Korea

KOCA is the National Aviation Authority Of South Korea. It stands for Korea Office of Civil Aviation. It comes under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT). Formerly it was the Aviation Bureau, but it was demolished in August 2002. A new Civil Aviation Safety Authority office was set up on May 6, 2009. The head office of the National Aviation Authority Of South Korea is in the Sejong Government Complex in Sejong City. Dr. Choi Jeong-ho has been the Deputy Minister of the Office of Civil Aviation since 2013.

Am I eligible to fly with the National Aviation Authority Of South Korea after graduating from Florida Flyers?

Yes. After graduating from the Florida Flyers airline pilot school, you can fly with the South Korea National Aviation Authority. We have a globally recognized airline pilot training program to train international students to become successful pilots. If you want to become a pilot with the Korea Office of Civil Aviation, you should know and follow all the rules and regulations of the country’s aviation institute. To learn more about KOCA, contact Florida Flyers. We wish you all the best for your future in aviation. Happy Flying!