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National Aviation Authority Of Lebanon

Country: Lebanon
Official Website: Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): مصلحة الطيران المدني اللبناني

Know More About The National Aviation Authority Of Lebanon

LCAA, short for the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority, is the National Aviation Authority Of Lebanon. It is the civil aviation authority of Lebanon. LCAA works under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT). MPWT is regulated by Regulatory Decree number 1610 (26 July 1971). LCAA supervises all government and private institutions of the aviation industry and oversees all aircraft, airports, and pilots. It provides air traffic management services and manages the safety regulation of the civil aviation industry in Lebanon.

Can I Fly With The National Aviation Authority Of Lebanon After Training With Florida Flyers?

Yes. Florida Flyers offers commercial pilot training to international students. It is a globally recognized pilot training school that trains you for commercial careers. You can become a pilot with the National Aviation Authority Of Lebanon. You should remember that every country has different rules and regulations for the aviation industry. You should learn the aviation policy of the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority before enrolling to become a pilot in Lebanon. You should contact us for more information on the LCAA. We are happy to help you. Florida Flyers wish you the best of luck in your future in aviation! May you rise to achieve all your dreams!