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National Aviation Authority Of Ghana

Country: Ghana
Official Website:Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Know More About The National Aviation Authority Of Ghana

The other name of the national aviation authority of Ghana is Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.
It is the foremost aviation authority that oversees the civil aviation of the Republic of Ghana. The headquarters of the agency is Kotoka Airport in Accra. All aviation-related matters come under this agency, and it performs an exceptional task with perfect coordination. It lays down all the rules and regulations one must follow as a pilot.

Will I Get My Pilot’s License To Fly With The National Aviation Authority Of Ghana After Training In Florida Flyers?

Yes. The level of training that you get with Florida Flyers meets all international standards. Keep in consideration that each country has different sets of rules for flying. If you meet them, you can get your pilot’s license. You have all wishes and regards from Florida Flyers.