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Country: Georgia
Official Website:Georgian Civil Aviation Agency
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): საქართველოს სამოქალაქო ავიაციის სააგენტო

Know More About The National Aviation Authority Of Georgia

Georgian Civil Aviation Agency is the Civil Aviation Agency. It was established on April 15, 2011, by the laws of Georgia “On Management and Regulation of the Transport Sector” and “On Public Law Legal Entity.” It aims to improve the safety standards of the aviation industry. The National Aviation Authority Of Georgia recruits qualified personnel for the industry and looks after the pilots, airports, and all aircraft.

Can I become a pilot with the National Aviation Authority Of Georgia after I graduate from Florida Flyers?

Yes, absolutely. Florida Flyers is a fantastic flight academy. We have a globally recognized program to train international students to become successful pilots. If you wish to continue your career with the Georgia National Aviation Authority, you should know and follow all the rules and regulations of the country. For more information on the Georgia aviation rules, you can contact us, and we will give you all the information. Florida Flyers wishes you all the best for your future!