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Country: Costa Rica
Official Website:Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Dirección General de Aviación Civil de Costa Rica

Know About The National Aviation Authority Of Costa Rica

Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) is the national aviation authority. The role of the organization is to oversee all the aviation infrastructure and civil aviation operations that are going on in the country. The organization came into existence on 26 October 1949. The headquarters of DGAC are present in San Jose.

Will I Be Able To Fly With The National Aviation Authority Of Costa Rica After Training With Florida Flyers?

Yes. Each country follows a set of rules and regulations for the civil aviation department. The same rules apply to an individual seeking a pilot’s license. You can fly with DGAC if you match the terms and conditions enlisted in the eligibility criteria.