Finding the right and best flight school near me for flight training is one of the most challenging tasks. As there are hundreds of national flight schools and even more flight schools for internation flight students, how to find the right flight school?

How to find a flight school – options

What are the criteria to find the right flight school for your flight training? First and foremost, the distance is an important factor. How long do you have to drive to your daily flight training lessons?

How to find a flight school near me? Most areas have multiple flight schools to chose from. Regional or local airports mostly accomodate more than one flight school. The question is, are you looking for an FAA approved Part 141 flight school or is a Part 61 flight school sufficient for your training?

Part 141 vs. Part 61 flight school

What is the difference between a FAA Part 141 approved flight school and a Part 61 flight school?

FAA FAR Part 141 flight schools must go through a detailed approval process and obtain approval for each single flight school course, such as the Private Pilot PPL flight training, Instrument Rating course and/or Commercial Pilot course. Each flight school course has a syllabus with time alloted for each flight lesson. Each flight lesson or ground school lesson has a structured lesson plan.

The Federal Aviation Administration will ensure quality flight training for FAR Part 141 flight schools, flight instructors must follow strict guide lines and each flight student enrolled in an FAA Part 141 approved course is being graded and must meet completion standards of each flight lesson in order to move to the next one.

FAA Part 61 flight schools do not have these quality control mechanisms. Whether flight training is provided by an independent Part 61 flight instructor or a FAA Part 61 flight school, flight students must be instructed to meet FAA requirements for each pilot certificate or pilot rating as described in the FAR’s.

Private Pilot training requires a minimum of 40 hours total flight time under FAR Part 61, while an approved FAA Part 141 course only requires 35 hours of flight time.

While the order in which the topics are being tought to the flight student under FAA Part 61 do not have to be in a certain order, under FAA Part 141, each lesson is sequenced and flight students as well as flight instructors must follow the flight training syllabus.

  • Flight School Experience
  • Flight School aircraft fleet
  • Flight school pricing and rates
  • Visit the flight school

How to find a flight school near me?

Private Pilot 30 days and 40 hours

  1. Step 1 – Select a flight school near me

    Research and find a flight school near your location at the next airport

  2. Step 2 – Select a FAA Part 141 or FAA Part 61 flight school

    Chose between a FAA Part 141 approved flight school or a FAA Part 61 flight academy

  3. Step 3 – Check flight training airplanes

    Check the flight school’s flight training aircraft and equipment

  4. Step 4 – Schedule a flight school visia

    Visit the flight school and take a tour through their facility

  5. Step 5 – Make a discovery flight

    Make a discovery flight and learn to fly in the first flight lesson

  6. Step 6 – Check flight training financing options

    Check flight training financing and tuition financing options

Estimated Cost: 29000 USD


  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor


  • Flight Instructor
  • Private Pilot Book
  • Instrument Rating Book
  • Commercial Pilot Book
  • CFI Book
  • Lesson plans

Materials: Lesson plan Plotter E6B Foreflight app flight log