Guide To Getting Pilot Training In Colombia

Are you aspiring to become a pilot? It needs hard work and dedication. Not only are your efforts essential, but the pilot training and airline pilot school you choose matter. Most people need help finding the perfect platform and planning for proper flight training. Hence, it is always better to get complete information before you decide. So, we bring all the points that will help you get complete details about pilot training in Colombia and colombia pilot salary.

Colombia is one of the famous places for pilot training. There are a lot of young people who aspire to get their wings and fly as pilots. Moreover, the place is perfect for getting pilot training and ab initio pilot training for international students because of the suitable weather all year long. There are a lot of schools, programs, and different eligibility criteria for getting a pilot’s license. So, in the sections below, we are going to cover the following points:

Eligibility criteria for pilot training in Colombia

– Top airline pilot schools and international flight school
– Cost of pilot training in Colombia
– Types of training programs

After going through these points, you will clearly understand pilot training in Colombia. It will ensure you only have to browse the internet a little. Everything you need is here in this blog. So, let us proceed.

Understanding The Eligibility Criteria for Pilot Training In Colombia

The pilot training program is different in different countries. Hence, there is also a difference in the eligibility criteria. Let us learn about it all in detail here.

– Age Limit: If you want to enroll in pilot training in Colombia, you must be at least 17 years old. Hence, if a candidate meets the age criteria, he can get admission to airline pilot schools for colombian pilots.

– Educational Qualification: If you are looking forward to pilot training in Colombia, you should have a high school diploma or equivalent. It is the essential educational qualification that a candidate must have before getting the pilot training. Also, one must have a good command of the Spanish language. Why? It is because all the flight training in Colombia is in Spanish.

– Medical Standard: A candidate must pass the basic medical test that checks if you are fit to fly. It checks your physical standard to ensure you can meet the physical strain.

What Are The Top Airline Pilot Schools?

There are a lot of airline pilot schools in Colombia. Also, these are certified training academies, so you can undoubtedly rely on them. The top pilot training schools where you can get admission are:

– Aviation School Los Andes Aeroandes
– Aviatur
– Escuela de Aviación Flying

Well, there is always an option for you to choose a flying program as an international student. If you plan to do so, Florida Flyers is one of the top aviation academies for Colombian students. There are a lot of different programs that you can get here. We are going to talk about it in the sections below.

What Is The Cost Of Flight School In Colombia?

It is essential to note that pilot training costs depend on multiple factors. What is the type of school that you are selecting? What is the program in which you want to enroll? All of these questions play a critical role. However, if you wish to enroll in a commercial pilot training program, it can cost about $30,000 to $60,000 USD. Also, the price can always differ according to your preference.

What Are Different Training Programs One Can Find In Colombia?

In Colombia, the Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia (Aerocivil) issues pilot licenses in the country. You can get admission to a flying school for two types of licenses. These two are:

– Private Pilot License (PPL): If you look forward to flying for recreational purposes, you can get the Private Pilot License.

– Commercial Pilot License (CPL): A candidate must have a Commercial Pilot License for commercial purposes.

The training module includes ground as well as a flight training school. During ground training, a candidate comes across subjects like aircraft systems and aerodynamics. Moreover, one learns about practical aircraft handling skills in the flight training module.

Florida Flyers Is There For You

Therefore, these above points are complete information one must know before pilot training in Colombia. There are a lot of airline pilot schools where you can get admission. Also, you will be making your choice depending on multiple factors. What is the cost of flight school, the modules available, and many more questions like this? Also, some of you might seek pilot training as an international student. Do you know an aviation academy with an FAA part 141 approved training program? You will get the best training program at a competitive price in Florida Flyers. So, what is it that is stopping you? Get in touch with them and make the best of your opportunity.