Requirements for FAA Part 61 Solo flightsOnly FAA Part 141 courses are offered
No aircraft rental is provided.
CheckoutWith Florida Flyers CFI
Last checkout or Flight at Florida Flyers in make/modelno more than 60 days
FAA MedicalValid
FAA Private Pilot or higherValid
Florida Flyers Terms & ConditionsSigned
Full-day rental4 hour minimum
Half-day rental3 hour minimum
Garmin 1000min. 10 hours G1000 experience or
2 hour G1000 course with Flight Instructor
Insurance Deductible on all aircraft10 % of Hull Value (i.e. C172 G1000 –
Hull Value $300,000, deductible $30,000)
Multi Engine AircraftOnly Dual Instruction – No solo – No rental