EASA ATPL Flight School USA

easa atpl flight school
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Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been providing EASA ATPL modular flight training in the USA for years and has become one of the leading EASA ATPL Flight Schools USA for European ATPL flight students from around the globe.

But how does EASA ATPL Flight training work?

When it comes to choosing a flight school whether for FAA Commercial flight training or EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency pilot certificates, most prospected international flight students believe, an EASA ATPL flight school has to be located and certified in the European Union, EU. This is only partially correct.

Over the past years, EASA Flight Schools have been approved by EASA authorities to conduct EASA flight training, even if located outside of the EU. Only a few aviation academies in the United States are approved and authorized by EASA to provide such EASA flight trainings outside of the territory of the European Union.

How will our EASA ATPL Flight School provide the EASA ATPL?

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been voted best flight school, has a proven concept and works closely with EASA to provide modular EASA ATPL flight training. While all flight training at our Florida Flight Academy is provided under FAA regulations, we provide an EASA ATO (approved training organization) ATPL distance learning program to prepare for the EASA ATPL skill test. The skill test can be conducted either at an approved EASA testing facility close to our Florida Flight Academy or in Europe.

How will you receive the EASA ATPL Pilot License

Once sucessfully completed the EASA ATPL skill test, Florida Flyers Flight Academy will provide a short conversion training, mostly about 15 hours of total flight time. Once the EASA flight test is completed, the flight examiner will issue the EASA (frozen) ATPL Pilot certificate.

What will be required for enrolling at our EASA ATPL Flight School?

Prior to conducting the FAA EASA very short conversion training, flight training residents of the EU will need a first class EASA medical. German EASA ATPL students also need the ZÜP or called “Zuverlaessigkeitsüberprüfung”. Florida Flyers Flight Academy will guide all applicants through the EASA document requirements.

What Pilot Licenses or Certificates will be issued?

All EASA ATPL flight students of our EASA ATPL flight school will hold, upon completion of the entire flight training program, both, FAA Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate and Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Rating as well as the (frozen, upon reaching the hour requirement in Europe) EASA Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL.

Questions about our EASA ATPL Flight School?

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