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Country: United Kingdom
Official Website:Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Civil Aviation Authority

Know About The National Aviation Authority Of the United Kingdom

Civil Aviation Authority is the National Aviation Authority Of the United Kingdom. It is a public corporation that came into existence by Parliament in 1972. It was an independent aviation regulator at the time of establishment. It has the responsibility for ensuring safety and regulating civil aviation. It looks after the regulation of pilots, airports, and aircraft. It works as per the recommended standards from the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Can I Fly With the United Kingdom National Aviation Authority After Completing My Training At Florida Flyers?

Yes. The National Aviation Authority Of the United Kingdom has some set standards and regulations. If you meet these, you are all set to continue your career with them as a pilot. Florida Flyers wishes you the best in your career as a pilot. We wish you success, adventures, and a career full of honor.