Finding an ATP pilot school

Finding an ATP pilot school to get your ATP pilot license has become very challenging since the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations have changed a few years ago.

Before the change of ATP flight training regulations, aspiring pilots were able to simply complete the FAA written exam followed by the FAA practical pilot exam to get their ATP pilot license. Since the change of regulations, ATP applicants must complete a course first.

ATP CTP Course

To be able to apply for an Airline Transport Pilot License ATP today, aspiring pilots must complete an ATP CTP course and the ATP CTP written test first. This ATP CTP course usually takes about one week of ATP class room training including ATP flight simulator training and is only being offered at certain flight training facilities.

ATP CTP written test

Following the graduation of the FAA ATP pilot school CTP course, ATP applicants must pass the Federal Aviation Administration ATP CTP written test at an authorized Federal Aviation Administration testing facility, such as PSI. We offer the test prep software in our online shop. Minimum ATP passing rate is 70%. Once the ATP written exam is completed, the testing center proctor will print out the ATP written test graduation certificate. The ATP written test graduation certificate is valid for 24 calender months following the completion of the test.

Can any flight school train for the ATP?

Once the ATP pilot school CTP course is completed, flight schools can provide flight training in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations to complete the ATP flight training, either ATP Single Engine or Multi Engine. Depending on whether a single engine aircraft or multi engine aircraft ATP pilot license is desired, the flight training aircraft must be selected accordingly.

Do Airlines provide the ATP license?

Many regional airlines will provide the required ATP CTP course and flight training when hired as First Officer. Usually, airlines will schedule the ATP CTP course first at an authorized flight training facility before they start their First Officer flight training. The first two weeks for newly hired First Officers is usually to complete the ATP CTP course.

How much is the ATP CTP course?

According to ATP CTP providers, the entire course including flight training materials cost between $4,800 and $6,000 and includes both, class room ground training and flight simulator training for the ATP course.

How long does the ATP CTP course take?

Many ATP CTP flight training providers offer full-time ATP flight training for about one week to 10 days to complete the ATP CTP course and ATP CTP courses are offered by many providers at multiple class room start dates throughout the year.

Do I need the ATP to be hired by an airline?

The ATP or restricted ATP pilot license is required to work as pilot for a Part 121 certified air carrier while the FAA commercial pilot license is sufficient to work for Part 135 air operators most of the time. Airlines require either the ATP or restricted ATP license.

What flight schools offer ATP flight training?

Once the ATP CTP is completed, Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers fast-track ATP flight training at their training facility in sunny Florida. While most aspiring pilots will complete their ATP flight training in a multi engine aircraft, such as the Florida Flyers’ Piper Seminole PA44-180 with Garmin 1000 avionics, some pilots select a single engine aircraft, like the Cessna 172 SP to get their single Engine ATP first and will add the multi engine ATP later on.

Does Florida Flyers Flight Academy offer the ATP CTP?

Florida Flyers Flight Academy is currently not offering the ATP CTP course but works closely with different ATP CTP flight training facilities in Florida for the ATP CTP course.