8 Steps how to become a pilot

How to become a pilot

How to become a pilot

Pilot training 134 hours and 3 minutes

Step 1 – Contact the flight school

Private Pilot (PPL)

Contact the flight school and request admission requirements or about the selected flight training course
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Step 2 -Speak with Flight School Admissions

pilot course in the USA

Speak with a pilot school admission specialist to learn more about the flight training admission process and requirements

Step 3 – Decision which flight training course

cfi flight instructor training

Once decided, start your flight training enrollment here

Step 4 – Submit all required documents

commercial pilot training

Submit all required documents and statements for your flight training program

Step 5 – International Flight Students receiving I-20

flight student visa

International flight students will receive their DHS Form I-20 to apply for the M1 flight student visa.

Step 6 – Schedule your first day at the flight school

Pilot license validation

Schedule your first day with the flight schools’ admission team and bring your documents, i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate, Visa (if applicable).

Step 7 – Medical Appointment for flight training

The flight school will schedule your FAA medical appointment and complete the paperwork to get started with your flight training.

Step 8 – Start flight training

pilot training in Colombia

Start flying and within 4-10 months you will be a commercial pilot, ready to move to the next stage of your career.

Estimated Cost: 29900 USD


  • Private Pilot Training
  • Instrument Pilot Training
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Multi Engine Rating


  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172 Garmin 100
  • Piper Seminole

Materials: Flight Instruction Flight Training Materials Ground Training Lessons