How to Become a Pilot at Flight Academy Florida USA?

How to become a pilot in Florida, USA! The aviation industry is booming. There have never been so many opportunities to become a pilot like today. The worldwide pilot demand is increasing daily. This is the right time to start your pilot and aviation career.

At Florida Flyers you will get the flight training to become an airline pilot, either under Federal Aviation Administration rules or EASA European ATO approval.

Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc. is an FAA approved flight training center for domestic and international flight students. We are Federal Aviation Administration approved under FAR Part 141. Over 95% of our flight students pass their FAA practical test on the first attempt, providing Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc. with one of the highest first-time pass rates in the industry.

We are approved by DHS to enroll full-time non-immigrant flight students (M1 Visa) and provide FAA approved fast-track flight training courses, leading from zero experience to FAA certified Commercial Multi Engine Pilot in as little as 130 hours.

Our fast-track airline pilot flight training to obtain the appropriate certificate is the best option offered to flight students worldwide. With certified EASA ATPL training courses, conducted under EASA ATO certification, Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc. has become one of the leading flight training providers in the region.

Start the admission process today to start flying our amazing airplanes. We are the leading flight academy in the U.S. Start flying at our flight school in sunny Florida now.

Student Enrollment

We will be happy to guide you through our Admission process. One of our International Admission Specialists will guide you step-by-step through the process. If you need assistance, please email us or call us. We are looking forward to meet you.

M1 Visa and I-20

The second step after your enrollment will be the issuance of the Form I-20 to obtain a M1 Student Visa for your flight training with us. I-20 forms may be issued for up to one year. We are here to assist you. Please contact us with any question you may have.

Virtual Tour

Check out our facilities and student amenities before starting the enrollment process. Our Student Service and Admission Team will be gladly showing you around. Or just simply start your virtual flight school tour here and see our training rooms and simulators.

11 Steps to become a pilot in USA

Step 1

Enroll on-line here

Step 2

Upload a copy of your Passport (.pdf file)

Step 3

We write up a cost estimate for your training and your stay with us

Step 4

You send us proof of sufficient funds
You can send a bank statement, a copy of your savings passbook, or a confirmation letter from your bank. The proof of sufficient funds required by immigration law must show an amount equal to or greater than the amount in our cost estimate.

Step 5

We issue Form I-20 for your visa
1. You get an advance e-mail copy with the Sevis Nxxx number
2. We send the original to your address by UPS overnight express

Step 6

Pay Sevis I-901 fee of $350 to Sevis. You will need Form I-20 from us to do this.

Step 7

Fill out Form DS-160 on-line

Step 8

Set up an appointment for a personal interview with your local U.S. embassy or consulate.
Appointments may be available on-line.

Step 9

Have a photo taken for your visa.
You cannot use regular photos. Please check the requirements here.

Step 10

Personal interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate

Step 11

The embassy/consulate will send you the M1 student visa along with your passport.The visa will be placed in your passport and mailed to your home address within a few days.

The procedures and requirements for M1 Student Visa issuance may vary by Country. Please check with your local U.S. Embassy what are the requirements and procedures for you.

When you may need a M1 student visa:

  • Flight Training for a new license or rating
  • Obtaining additional Ratings
  • Flight Instructor Training

When you may NOT need a M1 student visa:

  • Stand-Alone FAA License
  • Foreign Pilot License Validation
  • Restricted foreign based License
  • Flying Vacation and Hour Building
  • Checkout w/ Flight Instructor
  • Acquisition of an Endorsement

Please contact the U.S. embassy  in your home country, your local U.S. consulate, or the  Department of State to determine what kind of visa you will need for your trip.

Florida Flyers Flight Academy Designated School Officials (SEVIS)

Rainer Pereira Da Silva

SEVIS Primary Designated School Official
Email us

Keristein Faragalla

SEVIS Designated School Official
Email us