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Country:  Singapore
Official Website: Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): 新加坡民航局

Learn More About The National Aviation Authority Of Singapore

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is the National Aviation Authority Of Singapore. It is a Statutory Board under the Ministry of Transport. CAAS is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient civil air traffic. It strives to create a safe aviation environment and regulate all aviation-related entities. CAAS oversees all safety and security-related activities in the aviation industry. It also issues licenses and certifications to pilots and aircraft to ensure they uphold the highest industry standards.

Can I Get My Pilot’s License With The National Aviation Authority Of Singapore After Training With The Florida Flyers?

Yes. You will get excellent airline pilot training here at Florida Flyers. You will be adeptly trained to become successful commercial pilots anywhere in the world. The rules for flying are different in each country. Whichever country you choose to fly with, you have to match the eligibility criteria of their civil aviation authority. If you do, you can quickly get your pilot’s license. Learn and follow the aviation policy of the National Aviation Authority Of Singapore. Florida Flyers wishes you the best in your future endeavors. We hope that you have a prosperous career.