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Country:  Seychelles
Official Website: Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Autorité de l’aviation civile des Seychelles

Get To Know About The National Aviation Authority Of Seychelles

The first aviation authority of Seychelles was the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA). It was created in 1969, and  Mr. Basil Sutton was the director. By 2006, significant developments had occurred in Seychelles’ aviation industry. On 4 April 2006, the enactment of the Civil Aviation Authority Act led to the corporatization of the Directorate of Civil Aviation to Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority. SCAA is responsible for providing a safe and efficient air navigation service in the Seychelles FIR (Flight Information Region). FIR covers approximately 2.63 million square kilometers, bordering aviation regions of Somalia, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, and Madagascar. It is responsible for the civil aviation and related services of the country.

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