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National Aviation Authority Of Montenegro

Country: Montenegro
Official Website: Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Agencija za civilno vazduhoplovstvo

Role Of The National Aviation Authority Of Montenegro

The native name of the National Aviation Authority is Agencija za civilno vazduhoplovstvo. It performs the role of maintaining proper and smooth traffic in the national airspace. The prominent task of the institution is to keep the best safety standard and regulate airports, aircraft, and pilots.

Will I Get My Pilot’s License With The National Aviation Authority Of Montenegro If I Train With Florida Flyers?

Yes. The training standard here at Florida Flyers meets the best standards. However, the flying regulations of each country are diverse. If you meet these conditions, you can get your license. We hope you have a bright career as a pilot. You have the best wishes from the Florida Flyers.