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National Aviation Authority Of Mongolia

Country: Mongolia
Official Website: Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Иргэний Нисэхийн Ерөнхий Газар

Get The Right Information About The National Aviation Authority Of Mongolia

The role of the National Aviation Authority is to ensure sustainable and efficient management of civil aviation in Mongolian airspace. It performs the duty of ensuring it is safe and sound for passengers, cargo, and other flights. It manages pilots, airports, aircraft, and other aviation-related matters in Mongolia.

Can I Get My Pilot’s License With The National Aviation Authority Of Mongolia After Getting Trained By Florida Flyers?

Yes. There is no doubt that you will get your pilot’s license after being trained by Florida Flyers. The level of training that you get here meets international standards. However, remember that the regulations to get the license are different in different countries. You can get your license once you meet these terms.