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National Aviation Authority Of Macau

Country: Macau
Official Website: Civil Aviation Authority of Macau
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): 民航局 Autoridade de Aviação Civil

Know In Detail About The National Aviation Authority Of Macau

The Civil Aviation Authority, or Autoridade de Aviação Civil (AACM), is the civil aviation authority of Macau. It is located in a particular administrative region of Macau, China. The headquarters of the National Aviation Authority Of Macau is on the 18th floor of the Cheng Feng Commercial Centre in Sé. It regulates and controls air traffic and airspace. AACM comes under the Secretariat for Transport and Public Works.

It came into existence in 1991 as a replacement for the Macau International Airport Office, established in 1987. Apart from AACM, CAM-Macau International Airport Company Limited also has some responsibility for the Airport Office. AACM is not subordinate to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It investigates aviation accidents and incidents, controls Macau’s airspace, and oversees all aircraft and airports.

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