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Country: Jordan
Official Website:Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission of Jordan

Get Information About The National Aviation Authority Of Jordan

CARC is the National Aviation Authority Of Jordan. It stands for Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission. It replaced the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on August 1, 2007, per Article 68 of civil aviation law number 41. It states that CARC has the Authority to make financial and administrative decisions. CARC regulates civil aviation, including all safety and security. It executes the government’s environmental protection policies per international protocols, laws, and agreements. It oversees the entire aviation industry in Jordan.

Will I Get My Pilot’s License To Fly With The National Aviation Authority Of Jordan After Training In Florida Flyers?

Yes. You have all wishes and regards from Florida Flyers. The commercial pilot training you get with Florida Flyers meets all international standards. Remember that each country has different sets of rules for flying. If you want to get your commercial pilot license in Jordan, you should learn and meet the aviation policies of the National Aviation Authority Of Jordan. You can contact us for further information on the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission. Florida Flyers wishes you all the best!