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Country: Italy

Official Website:National Agency for Civil Aviation
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): Ente nazionale per l’aviazione civile

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ENAC, or the Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile, is the civil aviation authority of Italy. In English, the National Aviation Authority Of Italy is known as the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. It came into existence on 25 July 1997 after Legislative Decree No. 250/97.ENAC is responsible for managing the civil aviation industry of Italy. It is equivalent to the United States Federal Aviation Administration. It controls air traffic and regulates the aviation industry. It enforces security measures and manages the investigations, if any.

Am I Eligible to Become a Pilot With The National Aviation Authority Of Italy After Training With Florida Flyers?

Yes, absolutely. Florida Flyers is a great pilot training school. We train international students for global aviation careers. You can become a pilot anywhere after our commercial pilot training program. Before enrolling with the National Aviation Authority Of Italy as a pilot, you should read their aviation policies carefully. Every country has different rules and regulations governing the aviation industry. So you should know them before you work there. You can contact Florida Flyers for any information. We are happy to help. We wish you all the best for your future!