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Country: Egypt
Official Website:Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt
Civil Aviation Authority Name (Native language): وزارة الطيران المدني

Know More About The National Aviation Authority Of Egypt

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt is the National Aviation Authority. Its responsibility includes ensuring that Egyptian airlines and flight operations follow safety rules given by ECAA (European Common Aviation Area- International Aviation). It manages fair competition between state-operated (EgyptAir) and private airlines. The ministry sets the civil aviation rules, deems airworthiness, and conducts investigations of crashes. Then it provides progress reports on these investigations.

Can I fly with the National Aviation Authority Of Egypt after graduating Florida Flyers aviation program?

Yes. After graduating from the Florida Flyers aviation program, you can fly with any domestic or international airline. We train international students for successful flight careers. But you should always check the aviation policies of each country before you decide to join their aviation authority. Since every country has different rules and regulations for the aviation industry, you should be well-versed in them. Contact Florida Flyers for more information about the National Aviation Authority Of Egypt. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.