Information One Must Know About Pilot Training In Vietnam

Pilot training programs are gaining a lot of popularity globally. More and more candidates are actively enrolling in various commercial pilot training programs. Are you a resident of Vietnam? Do you also want to know about pilot training in Vietnam? The location of Vietnam on the map makes the country a hotspot for national and international pilots. There is a lot of information present on the internet today. It can be confusing to browse everything and make points. So, we bring you all the information in a single blog.

Many aspirants have a dream of becoming commercial pilots while growing up. However, a dream is just a dream until it does not have a proper plan. In this particular blog, we are going to talk in detail about the following points:

– Requirement for pilot training in Vietnam
– Caav approved flight schools
– Types of the pilot training programs in Vietnam
– Airline pilot schools present in the country
– Cost of flight school in Vietnam
– Pilot training cost in vietnam
– Vietnam airlines pilot requirements

After you go through these points, you will get the complete information necessary for someone to know about these programs. So, let us proceed further and take you on a tour of your one-stop blog.

Essential Requirements For Pilot Training In Vietnam

Before you get your wings as a pilot, the first step is to know whether you are eligible. The following eligibility points are essential for becoming a commercial pilot.

– Age Criteria: To become a commercial pilot in Vietnam, you must be at least 18. However, there are some airline pilot schools in Vietnam where the minimum age that a candidate should have to enroll is 21. Hence, you have to check according to the airline pilot schools if you are interested in getting admission.

– Educational Background: To get admission to pilot training in Vietnam, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. But there are some schools where you should have an aviation degree or a relatable field.

– Medical Condition: You must qualify for a class 1 medical examination for pilot training in Vietnam. In that, one has to undergo an assessment that determines an individual’s mental and physical health.

– Language Proficiency: If you want to get pilot training in Vietnam, you have to qualify basic proficiency test in English. It is because English is the language of proficiency.

Therefore, you should fulfill the most prominent eligibility conditions to get admission to airline pilot schools in Vietnam.

What Are The Types Of The Pilot Training Programs In Vietnam?

There are three primary pilot training programs in Vietnam. What are these? We will be discussing it in this section in detail. These three programs for pilot training in Vietnam:

– Private Pilot License(PPL): This program is perfect for you to get a pilot license for personal and recreational purposes. The program will last for up to 6-12 months.

– Commercial Pilot License(CPL): If you look forward to getting a pilot license to fly for a living as a commercial airline pilot, this course is for you. One can complete this course in 18-24 months.

– Airline Transport Pilot License(ATPL): Looking ahead to become an airline pilot? You can enroll in the ATPL program, which can last for up to 24-30 months.

What Are The Top Airline Pilot Schools In Vietnam?

The following airline pilot schools are most prominent in Vietnam:

– Saigon Flight Training (SFT)
– Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA)
– Vietnam Airlines Flight Training Center (VAFTC)
– Viet Flight Training (VFT)
– Jetstar Pacific Training Center (JPTC)

These are the top training schools in Vietnam. However, many good pilots take training from other countries and then get into the native airline. If you also want to enroll in an aviation academy as an international student, you can always visit Florida Flyers.

What Is The Cost Of Flight School In Vietnam?

The cost of admission to an airline training school depends on multiple factors. Location, school, reputation, and choice of program decide the cost of flight school. On average, the cost of flight school in Vietnam ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 USD. Hence, you can decide which school and program suits you and can enroll in that program.

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