How To Get An EASA Pilot License – Detailed Guide

Are you looking forward to getting an EASA Pilot License? Do you aspire to become a pilot? Well, becoming one needs dedication, vision, and a perfect strategy. You need to have a solid plan and follow it with commitment. Do you have that plan? We will find a complete plan to help you get your pilot license.

EASA stands for European Union Aviation Safety Agency. To become a pilot in the EU, you must get a license from this agency. It performs the task of regulating civil aviation in the EU. Hence, as a pilot, you must meet the guidelines of EASA. How can you get the same? Well, we will help you with this in the following section. From age criteria to the airline pilot schools available to you, we will cover all the aspects of training. So, let us begin.

Detailed Steps For You To Get Your EASA Pilot License

The following steps will act as a guide for you to get your EASA pilot license. Ensure that you consider all of them and pay attention to them.

Meet The Basic Criteria

To get a pilot license in any country, you must meet specific age criteria before starting your training. The same is the thing when it comes to the EASA pilot license. You have to be at least 17 years of age to begin your training. Other than this, one must be medically fit and know basic English. Having a good medical condition and proficiency in English is prominent for becoming a pilot with EASA. These are the essential eligibility criteria that you have to keep in consideration.

Obtain Your Medical Certificate

The next step before you start your training is to obtain a medical certificate from the aeromedical examiner. A medical certificate is essential to ensure the start of your pilot training. Therefore, ensure you examine yourself before you start your training.

Complete Training And Pass The Exams

After enrolling, you have to complete your training. To get an EASA pilot license, you must complete at least 100 hours of flight training. Completing at least 45 hours with the instructor and 10 hours of solo time is essential in these hours. Other than flying, you also have to complete ground school training which covers various subjects that are part of critical flight training.

Moreover, a candidate must pass the theoretical and flight school tests after training. These tests will see if you can handle the aircraft well and possess the knowledge essential for a pilot. Also, a candidate has to pass the radio telephony test to get an EASA pilot license. The radiotelephony test will determine whether you communicate well with the air traffic controller.

Apply For The License With National Aviation Authority

When you complete all these steps above, you can complete the final step of applying for the license at your country’s National Aviation Authority. Hence, you will get your pilot license from the aviation authority, and then you can fly.

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