Perfect Guide For Best Commercial Pilot Training In India

Pilots are highly professional individuals capable of flying various aircraft and helicopters. There are a lot of people who look forward to making their career in this field globally. Are you also someone who looks ahead to make your career as a pilot in India? Do you want a complete guide to help you with learning about pilot training in India? Well, the current blog will clear all your questions and doubts. We will be looking at a complete flowchart about pilot training in India and cost of pilot training in india to be the best pilot training in india.

As a commercial pilot, high performance and good skills are expected from you. From a young age itself, you should start proceeding in this direction. How can you do that well? Therefore, we will learn about commercial pilot training in India in detail. In this discussion, we will learn about the following:

– Various flight training options for pilot training in India
– Eligibility criteria
– The best flying school in India and all other options

So, fasten your seatbelts as the flight is all set to take off.

What Are Different Flight Training Options In India?

Before we find anything more, we must understand various options for pilot training in India. It will help you pick a particular direction and follow that pathway to get your wings. Three options are available for you to become a commercial pilot in India. These options are:

Flight Schools: There are more than 25 flight schools in India. All these schools offer various courses and pilot training programs. It entirely depends on your requirement of which school you will select as the enrollment process, fees, and eligibility criteria are different for all these schools. You can go for the program that goes well as per your demands.

College Degree Program With Aviation: Everyone has a different priority. You can select these programs to obtain a college degree with flight training. You will be free to carry out your degree and flight training simultaneously. Hence, you can earn a college degree and a license as a commercial pilot. What can be a better option than this if you look forward to getting this?

Cadet Programs: Airlines offer different cadet programs to students. Not just this, but a student is sponsored by the airline and is guaranteed employment after completing the program. Hence, if you want a sponsored educational program, choosing cadet programs can be one option that you can consider.

These are the three primary options for commercial pilot training in India.

What Is The Criteria Of Eligibility For Becoming A Commercial Pilot In India?

The following points of eligibility are crucial for you to understand. However, keep a check that these eligibility criteria can differ depending on the license you want to get. The essential points of eligibility mentioned by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) are:

Age: When we talk about age, an individual must be at least 18. The maximum age limit to get a pilot’s license is 60 years.

Education: To get a pilot’s license in India, a candidate must have Physics and Mathematics as mandatory subjects in 10+2. Also, the person must qualify for a recognized board.

Medical Fitness: When we are talking about a person’s medical fitness, as per the criteria, one must have a valid class 1 medical certificate. Only a DGCA-approved medical examiner can give this certification to the individual.

Experience in Flying: Keep in mind that a candidate must have experience completing 200 hours of flying. In that, 100 hours of solo flying should also be there.

Besides these pointers, a candidate must consider other criteria like training, English language proficiency, and security clearance. You can get a commercial pilot license in India if you meet all these criteria. According to the stages of your pilot training in India, you must also meet the specific essential requirements. Hence, eligibility is subjective to the stage and the course requirement you will choose.

What Are The Options Of Schools For Pilot Training In India?

People usually go for Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy as the best flying school in India. However, you can get admission to many other institutes and training schools. India’s top pilot training schools are The Bombay Flying Club, National Flight Training Institute, and Government Aviation Training Institute.

There are other institutes, like the Indian Institute of Engineering and Aeronautics, where people go for pilot training. You can also choose to go abroad for your commercial pilot training program. Hence, these all are options.

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