Guide To Airline Training Schools In The Philippines

Becoming a commercial pilot in a reputed airline is a dream many aspirants have in their hearts. Each year, there are thousands of applications that flight schools receive from people who are interested in pursuing their careers in airlines. Moreover, the reputation, lifestyle, and adventure of being a pilot are unmatched. However, achieving your dream can look impossible without proper knowledge and planning. So, we will help you with this guide to airline training schools in the Philippines.

This blog will discuss the flowchart one must follow to get admission to airline training schools in the Philippines. All this information will help you to find the perfect airline flight schools to start your training. Not just this, but it will save you a lot of time and help you prepare well to stay ahead and get your wings. Let us begin with our blog and discover all the essential aspects of pilot training schools in the Philippines.

Comprehensive Guide To Airline Training Schools in The Philippines

The following are the steps that one has to consider when looking forward to getting admission to airline training schools in the Philippines:

Detailed Research

The primary step a candidate must consider is conducting proper research about all available options for airline flight schools. It is one of the most crucial steps that will help you to get a good start on your flying career. However, make sure that you keep one essential consideration in your mind at all times. Look for pilot training schools approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Also, always look forward to the courses in all airline training schools in the Philippines and whether they meet your dream course.

Eligibility Criteria

The next step that comes in line is to look forward to the eligibility criteria. There can be a slight difference in the eligibility criteria for airline training schools in the Philippines. However, most of the essential factors are the same. These are:

– The minimum age for a candidate to enroll in airline training schools in the Philippines is 17 years. If you are 17, you meet the age limit to carry out your training as a pilot.

– If we look forward to the educational qualification, a candidate should have a high school diploma or equivalent to get admission to a pilot training school.

– The next criterion that you should consider is to get a medical certificate. Physical and mental medical fitness is crucial for you to start your training as a pilot in the Philippines.

Therefore, these are essential eligibility criteria that will help you carry out your pilot training.

Sending Application

Now that you know the eligibility criteria, you can find out if you can start your flight training. If yes, the next step is sending your application to the pilot training school of your choice. There can be different ways to send your application. It can be offline or online. Depending on the choice that you are making, you have to fill out the application form carefully. Ensure you attach all the essential documents, including transcripts, medical certificates, passports, etc.

Entrance Exam And Interview

Once you send your application form, based on the selection procedure of the particular pilot training school, you may have to appear for an entrance examination. The entrance exam may test your skills in physics and maths and your grip on the English language. Once you clear your exam, you must appear for the interview. The interview will test your communication, motivation, and other essential skills to be an airline pilot. Once you perform in both these stages, you can carry out training.

Fee Payment And Documentation

We all know that getting admission to a pilot training school needs sufficient funds. Thus, the next thing you can do is arrange adequate funds for admission. You must contact the pilot training school to know how much funds you must keep. Airlines training schools in the Philippines are expensive. Well, there is another option for you. Florida Flyers is the best aviation academy where you can visit and get training as an international student. Why? It is because the pilot training program that Florida Flyers offers is at a competitive price that will help you get the best training at a reasonable price.

Therefore, consider these points when planning to get admission to airline training schools in the Philippines. Moreover, there are some additional tips that you can follow to ensure that you get the perfect academy for training.

Tips To Find Perfect Airline Training Schools In The Philippines

The following section will provide you with some tips that will ensure that you get the perfect pilot training school:

– Ensure you know beforehand that the course you want to take must be in that airline aviation academy. Read about the academy well in advance before you make your decision.

– The next tip is to look forward to the certification of the training school. If you look forward to getting your training from abroad as an international student, you can get your training at Florida Flyers. Florida Flyers have an FAA part 141 approved training program you can always trust and rely on.

– Ensure you consider an academy where instructors to student ratio are better. Also, pay attention to the infrastructure and instructors in the aviation academy. It will help you understand how much attention you can expect from the instructors.

Hence, these are some prominent tips you can always consider to ensure you get your wings from a good platform.


To become an airline pilot, you must pay attention to the choice of the aviation training academy. There are a lot of airline training schools in the Philippines where you can enroll and continue your pilot training. You can get admission to any academy that suits you and where you meet the eligibility criteria. However, it can be one of the best decisions if you want to move abroad for your pilot training. You can visit Florida Flyers and learn about the training program. The academy is perfect for international students and ensures you get a place in top national or local airlines. Come and get your wings today!