How To Get Into Flight Training Schools In Egypt?

When you decide to become a commercial pilot, the primary thing that comes to mind is the pathway you will follow. Isn’t it? To achieve your dream of flying an aircraft, you must work hard, have dedication and passion, and have a solid plan. Do you have that plan with you? Do you know about flight training schools in Egypt? Are you aware of the different airline pilot training programs available to you? Well, we will be discussing it all in detail here. The current blog will take you on a journey to understand flight training. We will cover all the aspects of your journey to get into flight training schools in Egypt. So, let us begin.

Steps To Follow When Searching Flight Training Schools In Egypt

Step 1: Research Flight Training Schools

The first step in your journey to becoming an airline pilot is adequately researching all the flight schools available in Egypt. There are multiple ways in which you can carry out the research. However, you must carry out the research process well. Go to the internet, get a consultation from a professional, or ask your friends. Know about all the available options that you have with you. Some of the top flight training schools in Egypt are:

– Watanya Air
– Atis Aviation Academy
– Egypt Aviation Academy
– EgyptAir Training Center

Step 2: Meet the entry requirements

The next step that comes is to meet the entry requirements. The entry requirements for each school can be different. When you contact the school that matches your interests and needs, you will get the whole idea. So, call the aviation academy where you want admission. However, the essential requirement that is present to make your career in aviation in Egypt is as follows:

– A candidate’s minimum age is 17 years to begin flight training.
– One must be medically fit.
– It would help if you had an education qualification till high school or equivalent.
– A candidate should have proficiency in English

Step 3: Submit an application

After you research and know the eligibility criteria, the next step that comes along the way is to submit the application form. You can submit your application forms depending on the choice of your flight training schools in Egypt. When you meet the basic requirements, you can submit your online form. Hence, apply on time by contacting the school or its online website.

Step 4: Pass the entrance exam

Some schools in Egypt require a candidate to qualify for the entrance exam before getting admission. The entrance exam includes subjects like English, Physics, Mathematics, etc. Hence, once you submit your application, you must pass this entrance exam to move up to the next stage.

Step 5: Attend an interview

If a candidate successfully qualifies for the examination, he moves to the next stage of the interview. Moreover, if the particular school is not taking the entrance exam, you will be moving straight to the interview stage. Hence, attend the interview, and you will be ready for the next step.

Step 6: Secure funding

We all know that getting admission and completing training can be expensive in any country. The same is thing in Egypt. Once you complete the above steps, you must collect enough funds to complete your training process. Hence, depending on your choice of aviation academy, you must secure the cost of flight school.

Step 7: Start your flight training program

Once you complete all the steps above, you are ready to carry out your training program. Several training programs include private pilot licenses, commercial pilot licenses, etc. What kind of pilot do you want to become? Which aircraft do you wish to fly? Ask yourself these questions, and select the training module that will suit your answer.

Therefore, these are the steps to consider when seeking to become a pilot. Before selecting flight training schools in Egypt, remember these significant steps.

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