Flight Training India

Flight training India – overview

In 2022, India has the highest pilot and flight training demand in decades. With India’s flight demand increasing, airlines suffer from pilot shortages with increasing commercial air travel requests.

Pilot School for flight students from India

Flight Schools and International Flight Academies in Florida and the USA have been training international Indian flight students for the longest time. The state of Florida provides the highest number of flight training facilities and flight schools providing professional flight training programs to international flight students from India and from around the globe.

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been voted one of the best flight schools in USA and has trained hundreds of flight students from India. The flight school has tailored its large aircraft fleet of Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Piper Aircraft to provide high standard flight training to flight students from India and other countries.

Pilot training in usa for indian students fees

With total flight training program pricing around the $35,000 mark, Florida Flyers Flight Academy was able to minimize its administrative and overhead expenses to invest in high quality international flight training equipment and infrastructure. With flight training demand in India increasing, our pilot programs are the most competetivly priced flight training programs in Florida.

The Florida Flyers Flight Academy flight instructor to flight student ration has been set to a maximum flight time per day and flight student.

With Indian Airlines hiring eligble flight training graduates immediately, Florida Flyers Flight Academy has established a solid pathway to convert FAA Pilot Licenses and rating into DGCA conform pilot certificates for India. Research a list of DGCA approved flying schools in India such as Florida Flyers Flight Academy.

Selecting a commercial pilot school in India

Selecting the right pilot school in India for a goal-oriented fast track commercial pilot training program is essential for your success. There are many pilot schools in the U.S. and especially many flight schools in Florida. Florida Flyers Flight Academy has been continuesly rated one of the pilot schools in the US. Competevely priced commercial pilot flight training programs and outstanding flight student customer service are just a few reasons, why to select Florida Flyers Flight Academy as your preferred pilot school.

Learn more about the Florida Flyers Flight Training program for Indian flight students here.