How to get F1 Visa Pilot School USA

F1 Visa Pilot school USA for international flight students are being issued by an audited F1 Visa pilot school and flight schools. The process to become an F1 Visa flight school is long. Most pilot schools in the U.S. are approved to issue M1 Visa or DHS Form I-20 to international flight students.

What is the difference between F1 flight training and M1 flight training?

F1 Visa pilot school USA. Approved flight schools have gone through a complicated auditing process and offer, beside the normal flight training programs, also academic programs. These programs are designed for international pilot students who want to obtain a bachelor or masters degree in aviation. M1 Visa flight schools focus on the vocational part of flight training and provide flight training from zero experience to Commercial Pilot Multi Engine. Both, F1 Visa flight schools and M1 Visa flight schools provide the same flight training.

What is the advantage of F1 visa flight schools?

There are two major differences. F1 visa approved flight training programs are usually priced way higher than the regular flight training programs, despite the fact that the pilot licenses and certificates are identical with M1 flight training programs. The only advanatage for international F1 students might be the difference for OPT (Practical training). While M1 flight students can only receive about 1 month practical training for each 3 months of flight training, F1 visa flight students can obtain work experience, i.e. as Certified Flight Instructor, for up to two years after completion of the F1 flight training program.

F1 Visa at Florida Flyers Flight Academy

Florida Flyers Flight Academy does not provide F1 Visa to international flight students. Florida Flyers Flight Academy is authorized to enroll non-immigrant students as M1 Visa students only. However, course fees and flight training prices are much lower compared to audited F1 visa flight schools in the U.S.