EASA PPL or LAPL Distance Learning Program



EASA Private Pilot and/or LAPL Theory Distance Learning (ATO approval)- for Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc.

Access Length:  12 month

Course description 

• Human performance and limitations
• Air law
• Operations
• VFR Radio Communication
• IFR Radio Communication
• Weather
• Aerodynamic
• Performance
• Flight planning
• General navigation
• Weight and Balance
• Aircraft systems
• Radio navigation

Three to four subjects are combined in one module. T

The entire course is web-based and requires an I-Pad. The written exam can be conducted in up to 6 sittings.


• Online study materials (web-based), printable via I-Pad App
• Access to the EASA question database
• Online Progress tests
• Online support by certified EASA ground instructors