What is the best Aviation Academy Florida USA

Florida Flyers Flight Academy started its flight training operation in 2007 and has been providing FAA Part 141 approved Private Pilot training, Instrument Rating, Commercial pilot training up to Certified flight instructor training ever since.

Start of our aviation academy Florida

Back in 2007 we started with only three aircraft. Since then, our aircraft fleet has grown to a large aviation academy fleet of up to 30 airplanes at the time.

Aviation Academy Florida location in Florida

Our international aviation academy is located in Saint Augustine, nations oldest city, offering many tourist attractions to visitors and our flight students.

The aviation career starts with earning the Private Pilot Certificate. Most pilots will continue their flight training toward commercial pilot and perhaps airline pilot.

Aviation Academy Florida Equipment

While most international flight schools and aviation academies provide flight training in older airplanes, our aviation academy has early on transitioned to standardized flight training and pilot school aircraft. From initially several different aircraft make and models, we provide aviation training today in either Cessna 152 airplanes for the initial private pilot training but have more advanced Cessna 172 SP with Garmin 1000 avionics available for the instrument rating and commercial pilot training portion.

Our own, large aircraft maintenance facility is located right next to our aviation academy flight training building and aircraft ramp. All airplanes that are used for flight training are required to undergo detailed inspections every 100 hours and receive a more detailed inspection of all aircraft parts and equipment once per year.

Best flying school in Florida

As international aviation academy we are one of the approved flight schools in Florida for international students. Our Florida aviation academy fees are very competitive and we are considered one of the best flight schools in usa for international students. We are a commercial pilot school among the flight schools in Florida.

How much does a pilot school cost in Florida?

Our pilot school programs start in the low to mid price range for the entire commerical pilot program. The initial Private Pilot License is the entry to thecommercial pilot training program, followed by the FAA Instrument Rating.

Additional pilot ratings and training

We offer additional commercial pilot ratings, such as the Multi Engine Rating or other class ratings.