Guide for airline pilot training in Germany

Are you looking forward to becoming an airline pilot in Germany? You need hard work, dedication, and a perfect plan to fulfill this dream. You must understand all the options available for airline pilot training programs for you in Germany. Hence, we will be talking about it in this particular blog. The current blog will cover all the aspects of the airline pilot training program in Germany.

Today, we are living in a competitive world where so many options are available. The same thing applies to flight training also. To become an excellent commercial pilot, you should complete your training well. To do that, one must ensure that they have a proper flowchart and an organized way of training. In that scenario, having a perfect plan does wonders. So, the following blog will discuss all the aspects one must consider before getting admission to an airline pilot training program in Germany. So, let us proceed.

What Are The Basic Requirements For Airline Pilot Training Program In Germany?

The first question that will come to anyone’s mind is the basic requirements. So, here are some points for you to consider:

– Minimum 18 Years: The minimum age a candidate should have for carrying out an airline pilot training program in Germany is 16 years.

– German Language Proficiency: A candidate should have proficiency in the German language. You must have good command over German to be a commercial pilot.

– Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate: Being medically fit is essential for flying—the job of a pilot demand good physical and mental conditioning of the body. A candidate has to undergo a medical examination by an authorized medical professional.

– High School Diploma or Equivalent: To get admission to an airline pilot training program, a candidate must have an essential education qualification, including a high school diploma or equivalent.

These are some of the basic requirements to consider when getting admission to an airline pilot training program in Germany.

What Training Programs Are Available?

Three different programs are available if you are looking forward to enrolling in an airline pilot training program in Germany. What are these? We will learn it in the following section.

– Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL): The first program is Integrated ATPL. The program is a full-time and complete training program that includes all the aspects of flight training. It involves ground, simulator, and flight training. A candidate will require 18-24 months to complete this program.

– Modular Airline Transport Pilot License: If you want to complete your flight training as per your requirement and pace, the modular ATPL program is a perfect fit for you. The program allows you to complete your flight training in modules.

– Private Pilot License (PPL): If you want to fly as a recreation or a private pilot, enrolling in the private pilot license program will be best. You will have the authority to fly the single-engine aircraft.

How To Select Perfect Flight School And The Cost Of Flight School In Germany?

When you are sure about the program you want, you have to look at the flight school that will provide you with that. When selecting a flight school for an airline pilot training program in Germany, you must consider one thing. The school should have a certification from German Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt). You can go ahead with any institution that has this certification. Also, the average cost of flight school in Germany ranges from $50000 to $100000 USD.

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How Many Flying Hours Does One Needs To Get A License?

To get a commercial pilot license in Germany, you must complete 150 flight hours at least. These 150 hours include 70 hours in the PIC (Pilot in Command) and 20 hours of cross-country flying. With time, when you gain more and more experience, you can work as an airline pilot.

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