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What is the cost of the full course for becoming a commercial airline pilot for an International student?

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The fees for the entire fast-track flight training course based upon FAA minimum requirements for each course, 35 hours Private Pilot, 30 hours Instrument Rating, 41 hours Florida Flyers Commercial Pilot FAR 141.55(e) and about 15 hours for Multi Engine training starts around $45,000. 


if I already got my PPL + night rating + 20h flight simulator, total flight 280h. Which is the cost for CPL IR ME MCC? Please

Florida Flyers Team 02/01/2024 10:05 am

@lordsky Happy New Year! Thank you for your post. We assume your are interested in our EASA ATPL program? Starting with Private Pilot, NFQ and 20 hours of flight simulator, 280 hours TT time will reduce the EASA ATPL package price accordingly. We estimate the total training price to be around the $55,000 mark plus MCC per 2 students $3,500 or MCC with JOC per 2 students $4,500. If you need more detailed information, please reach out. We are standing by to assist.

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