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How do I get admission to your flight school?

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The admission process is very easy and streamlined:

  1. Enroll into our flight school flight training programs with our enrollment and admission form
  2. Pay the flight training admission fee (depends on the program)
  3. For international flight students requesting a DHS Form I-20 (M1 Visa), we will create a cost estimate based upon FAA minimum flight training course requirements, including the anticipated lowest cost for housing/accommodation and living expenses for maximum one year/ 12 months
  4. Sumbit a proof of funds, such as bank statement, sponsor letter, income statement, sponsor letter from family or friends
  5. We create the DHS Form I-20 and email it to you
  6. Set up an appointment at your local U.S. Embassy to obtain the M1 flight student visa
  7. Start your flight training at our campus

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