South America Flight Training

Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers a tailored South America Flight Training program and is the best flight school USA for international flight students from all over the world. Our fast-track South Amercia flight training program for is the top rated and leading airline career program in Florida and the USA.

Many of our flight students have been hired by major airlines in South America.

Our outstanding reputation among the major airlines for our hight flight training standards and fast-track airline career training will help our international flight training students to be hired by airlines around the globe.

Request more information about our tailored South American Flight Training Programs. Start your career with us today!

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Our program for our flight students from South America includes flight- and ground training times required by Federal Aviation Administration minimum requirements to complete each course module. We have added all known fees, such as TSA, theoretical and practical exam fees and other expenses to present a realistic course outline.

You and, if you’d like, your parents will have full access to your electronic flight school account. You will be able to see all service charges, each flight or Ground lesson and any payments made.

We have included all and any known fees, unless we have listed them as excluded. However, the fees listed are based upon FAA or EASA minimum program requirements and additional flight- and/or ground training might be necessary to obtain the desired certificate or rating. Additional training fees are charged per our current price list.

Our Career Programs are designed to be completed within 12 months. However, aircraft availability due to scheduled or unscheduled aircraft maintenance, number of students enrolled, flight instructor availability and other circumstances, such as weather conditions have to be taken into consideration. The form I-20/M1 Visa will give foreign students a maximum of one year to complete the entire program.

It depends on aircraft and flight instructor availablity. Schedule and unscheduled aircraft maintenance as well as weather conditions may delay some of the scheduled flights.

We do not accept more students as we can train. Thus, our flight instructor to student ratio is about 1:4 to 1:5, one flight instructor per 4-5 flight students.

We do require a registration, document and shipping processing fee. A deposit must be made upon arrival and before the first lesson will be commenced followed by monthly installment payments.

We help to find suitable accommodation for all of our customers. Mostly our customers share apartments or rooms with other flight students.

Immigration regulations require M1 students to maintain full-time student status at all times. This requires a minimum attendance of 22 clock-hours per week. You will find more information at

FAA Pilot Programs
Based upon FAA or approved course *Minimums
Dual Hours Solo Hours Fees in USD
Module 1 - Private Pilot Training
Cessna 152 25 11.5
Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 Option 25 11.5
FAA approved Online Ground School 35
Class Room Ground 10
Course Fees $6,842.50
Module 2 - Instrument Rating
Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 20
FAA approved Online Ground School 35
Class Room Ground 10
Course Fees $9,189
Module 3 - Commercial Pilot Single Engine FAR Par 141.55(d)
Cessna 172 G1000 32 10
Class Room Ground 23
Course Fees $14,265
Module 4 -Multi Engine Add-on
2020 Piper Seminole Garmin 1000 NGX 15
Class Room Ground 5
Course Fees $6,800
Total Price FAA Courses Zero to CPL SE
without Extra Fees
Total Hours Flight 116.50 Total Hours Ground 78 $30,296.50
Total Price FAA Courses Zero to CPL ME
without Extra Fees
Total Hours Flight 133.00 Total Hours Ground 83 $37,069
* Flight- and ground time listed above is based upon FAA approved course minimums and requirements. This does not represent a fixed price or a guaranteed flight training price for the desired pilot certificate and/or rating.

Successful Florida Flyers Airline Pilots

Daniel Ritter (Germany)

Everything startet with Florida Flyers Flight Academy, Inc.  in 2010. At this time it was a pretty small fight school, with just a couple of planes, because Rainer had just started his business there. I had a very good time during my training and remember till today the tiny little head office of the school located on the US1. We refueled the planes ourself and got the credit card of the owner for doing it.

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Ramez Amine (Egypt)

Ramez Amine was born in Giza, Egypt. He started his career in the Florida Flyers Middle East Pilot Program in February 2016. His very first flight was on February 17, 2016 in our Cessna 152 N24532. e completed his Private Pilot Training on April 9, 2016, only six (6) weeks after this first flight within only 45 hours. After completing his FAA PPL checkride.

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Countless Pilots Trained

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has trained countless Airline Pilots for major South American Airlines. Many of our alumni flying as Captain with Airlines in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and more.

Enrollment Fees

At Florida Flyers, we do not expect large payments for enrollment fees. Our business is based on trust, loyalty and fairness. However, initial deposits, followed by monthly installments are required. 

Student Living

Live with other Flight Students in our Florida Flyers Apartments. Single rooms are being rented for $450 per month. Contact Admission for more information.

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Information about the admission and enrollment process. How to obtain an international Student Visa and Form I-20, information about our Class dates.

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Enrollment Checklist Requirements
Age 18 years to begin; 17 years to receive the Certificate
Pilot Certificate Student Pilot Certificate
Medical 3rd Class FAA Medical, EASA Medical with Audiometry, PBN Training IR
Language You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Non-U.S. Citizen TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & ME
Foreign Flight Students Student Visa/ Form I-20