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Florida Flyers Flight Academy
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by Edgar Clare on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
Florida Flyers Flight Academy

I am proud to say that i was a student at Florida Flyers.. Very honest and easy going school.. Very great instructors but i have to mention my CFI Matt Russell who made sure i was well prepared for my checkride..Once again thanks alot for having me there & i have plans to return within a few months for my Instruments & Commercial SE/ME

by Hassan Bakr on Florida Flyers Flight Academy

I'm Hassan Bakr FAA/ICAO Pilot, doing now my ATPL.
I'm so proud to be one of Florida Flyers students with their great staff specially my instructors Geff,Cristian and my brother Zak Rya.
I would like to address special thanks to cap refaat amaar for his support,guidance and help.

Félicitations pour l'ouverture de la nouvelle branche. Buen trabajo!!

by Mostafa hammad on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
My story

Good morning everyone , i decided to write about my experience in my aviation study and my story , i always wanted to be a pilot since i was little kid then my parents told me to finish my bachelor degree first , by the time i finished i was engaged for 2 years by that time and i did not have a time to waste ,i was so hesitated to take that risk , then i started a wide search about which is the best school , then a friend of mine who was about to start his study , he know a nice flight school called florida flyers , i did go on their website , i found there a phone number of their representative in the middle east ,i called and this was the first time i spoke with c refat amar , and we arranged a meeting in florida flyers office in egypt then he explained to me the program and the cost and everything but i told him all i care about is to finish quickly in less that 6 month ,and the possibility of doing this , he told that if you studied well , you can make it in 4 like a pilot called arafa who did it , to be honest i thought he was exaggerating , then he told me take a ground school here to save money and time ,i took the private ground school after i finished , c.refat told me to start my instrument ground school , my colleagues told me , it is useless and waste of money , then i told myself i still have time , why not and i took the ground school of instrument , and a week after i traveled to the US , c refat called me and told i want you to finish all your written exams in one week so you can be fully focused in flying , and that what i did,i was so worried and alot of my colleagues kept bring me down and make fun about my ambition to finish in 6 month , and they kept its impossible to finish in that time, and i called c. Refat told him you promised that i finished in less than 6 month and now a month has passed and i did not even fly , he handled me and told dont worry you will just keep studying as you do , then after the weather got better , and i started to fly with one of the best instructor of the school and i soloed in less than a week every one told , you did it because you have a gr8 instructor , then my instructor left after i soloed to join the airlines , a totally different instructor had me and he was not one of the best but i managed to finish in just 17 days and pass the check-ride then everyone start to bring me down by telling me you had an easy examiner , i did not listen to them and i started my instrument training with a totally different instructor than he had only 1 student in his schedule and i did go to Mrs bettina , i told her i want to fly 3 times per day , she told me as long you are determined , we will make it happen for you and i finished my instrument in just 16 days and i passed my checkride with a totally different examiner , now no one had any excuse to tell me, then c. Refat called me and congratulate me and told me he will visit us next week and he came to saw if any of the student had a problem or issues , then he told me i told you will finish earlier than you planned and indeed i finished my commercial license in 30 days and my multi engine licenses in just 4 hours , and i made a record no one has did before , total flight time 2 month and half from zero to multi commercial , special thanks to florida flyers , C.refat, Mr.Rainer, Mrs Bettina,all my examiners and instructor and everyone who helped to reach my dream?

by Nikolaos Kanellos on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
Great Team

After an extensive research on flight schools on the NE Florida, I decided to do my SEL & MEL Commercial add-on, with Florida Flyers.
The well organised operation and the friendly costumer service were the reason of a very positive first impression. As I start flying, it was clear that I was working with experienced instructors that were able to deliver their lessons with high professionalism and safely. Dineen on the front desk, Jeff SEL CFI, Achmed MEL CFI Thank you personally as well as all stuff of Florida Flyers.
Keep up the good work

by Jan Kupzog on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
ATP training

I arrived at Florida Flyers for my ATP training having done the ATP CTP in October last year. I do hold an active EASA ATPL and am working as an airline pilot in Europe. Chief Flight Instructor Shawn Gaylor showed me the difference between the big jets and flying the BE76 in no time. And not only that. He got me on track in no time with a very good training curriculum. Ground school and training missions were both - demanding and teaching me a lot. I successfully passed my ATP check ride thanks to the training received from Shawn and the help and support (24/7) from all the friendly people at Florida Flyers. I highly recommend this flight school for their professionalism and their friendliness. People here go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

by Mohamed Ahmed on Florida Flyers Flight Academy

Hello in the beginning I want share my experience and thank every one who help and support me to Get my commercial license specially the owner of the school mr.rainer who makes us feel home and feel like we are family and mrs.bettina for helping us not only about aviation about everything even if it's personal and our agent Captin.refat for he's support and at the the end I want to advice any one who want to be a commercial pilot to take his course at Florida flyers because it was really great and if anyone want to ask about any thing he's welcome any time and for the school I miss you all guys and see you all soon and great

by Ahmed on Florida Flyers Flight Academy

I am not going to talk as a customer I'll talk like one of the school's crew they always made feel like I am home they were very friendly and helpful not only in aviation but also regarding all the personal issues even the problems that I met outside the school borders,,talking about the training the aircrafts are always available day and night I was flying around 6 hours each day,they help a lot any one wants to success and one needs to be good the school has a lot of very good instructors regarding ground or flight they have very good pilots and make a very good pilots

by Peter on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
Flugschüler und Charter +++++

Nachdem ich vor 2 Jahren als Fußgänger gekommen und wenige Wochen später als Pilot abgeflogen bin, bin ich diesen Winter als
Charterkunde zurückgekehrt und habe alles gefunden, was ich brauchte. Ich kenne keine günstigere Möglichkeit Cessna 152 zu fliegen. Natürlich sind diese dem Preis entsprechend, aber für das Erfliegen von ersten (US-)Erfahrungen völlig OK. Das Revier ist für Anfänger perfekt und hat interessante Ziele in der Nähe (Jekyl Island, Amelia Island, Daytona, Cedar Key) ebenso wie für 2-3-Tages-Trips (Key West/Bahamas). Letztere werde ich mir nächstes Mal vornehmen, und dazu eine der besseren Maschinen buchen, die es auch gibt. Warum ich auf jeden Fall wiederkomme? Die in jeder Hinsicht professionelle Flugschule ist zugleich herzlich und familiär geblieben. Danke auch diesmal für die herzliche Betreuung, vor allem an Bettina, Dineen und Heather, die sich um alle meine Belange und Probleme immer perfekt gekümmert haben.

by George Anthony Brambilla on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
5 Start rating for Florida Flyers

As satisfied costumer of your service I wanted to express my gratitude to Florida Flyers,to Bettina and particularly Heater Alexander which was always able to assist me,calm and with patience guaranteeing the best costumer service.
I am going to write a 5 start review on Florida Flyers and also I am in contact with the Better Business Bureau to make a positive rating of the school. I saw a lot of improvements in one year of school and I am glad I had one of the best costumer services provided by both staff and members,Thank you again! Wish you good luck in your Business!!

Kind regards:

George Anthony Brambilla

by Katharina Mayer on Florida Flyers Flight Academy
PPL in 18 days

Grace, Peter, the two Jeffs and the two Shawns, Bettina, Heather and many more awesome people working at Florida Flyers did an exceptional job in making me become a private Pilot in such an ambitious timeslot. I am greatful for every experience I made in St Augustine and looking forward to come back again!! Love you

Thank you so much Katharina!!!

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John Paul, Ireland- PPL

I was very impressed from initial contact with the Florida Flyers Team right through to my arrival in St Augustine, Florida for flight training. The staff were very helpful and I had a great instructor who pushed me to achieve my goal of PPL in 3 weeks training.  The school itself was conveniently located at St Augustine Airport with a nice air conditioned and well equipped building.

Lieven, Germany – PPL

I enjoyed my stay at Florida Flyers very much. Everything was well-organized for my training, the infrastructure was excellent and the entire flight training package worked well for me. I’d like to thank my flight instructor (Sean) in particular for getting me from zero experience to Private Pilot within no time. His knowledge is excellent in both, flight and ground instruction.

Sven, Germany-PPL

I only had four weeks to obtain my Private Pilot License and passed the FAA practical exam right on time. Thanks to my Flight Instructor Michael and the Florida Flyers Crew who made this happen. Florida Flyers is large enough, to provide flexible and reliable service but on the flip-side it remained personal and offers a great family-like atmosphere. Every one was very kind, helpful and friendly.

Michael, Switzerland-PPL

The past four weeks were a great adventure for me. It has been a lot of fun and I had a really great time in Florida and enjoyed it a lot. At Florida Flyers everything was perfectly organized and well prepared for foreign students. At the office it was just meticulously organized and efficient. My Instructor Jeff was very patient. Thank you folks.

Mike, Switzerland-PPL

When we arrived at Florida Flyers we were received like a family member and felt very comfortable during the entire time of your stay. This is the place to be. My flight instructor Jeffrey helped my to become a Private Pilot in only five weeks. Everything at Florida Flyers was well-organized and the staff was very friendly, kind and helpful throughout my entire stay.

Marco, Germany- PPL

Thanks again to the Florida Flyers staff. You guys made it possible to fulfill my lifetime dream, becoming a Pilot. I had to pintch myself a few times that I was able to get the PPL within only four weeks and right at FAA minimum requirements. My flight instructors were great and very professional. Thanks also to Bob who was my Designated FAA Examiner.

Like every year, we came back to Florida Flyers in February to rent four planes for our annual trip through the Caribbean and to see the Carnival to Trinidad and Tobago. As the tour guide I would like to express how thankful we are for your outstanding customer service. Like usual, anything possible was well-prepared for our vacation trip. We’ll see you guys next year.

Melanie, Germany-PPL

Due to the well-organized flight training and the best service ever I was able to get my PPL in four weeks only. Thanks again. It has been a great time. The Florida Flyers staff was kind and friendly and warmhearted.