Indian Pilot Training USA

Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers high quality DGCA approved Indian Pilot Training. Flight students from India can convert the FAA Commercial Multi Engine License to a Indian Commercial Multi Engine License. The successful completion of this program will lead to an FAA Commercial Multi Engine License and also meets all requirements of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for conversion from a foreign license.

The Indian flight training program is an FAA and DGCA Part 141 program and professional program which is based on a course syllabus for necessary guidance. FAR Part 141 ensures maximum flight training quality by conducting regular stage checks.

Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers the most competitive prices for Indian pilots and flight students browsing for FAA approved flight schools that are providing high-quality and comprehensive pilot training in the USA. We also include Piper Seneca I aircraft training and Piper Seneca Simulator instruction.

Indian Pilot Training requirements:

  • 10th grade and tow or a equivalent graduation in Physics and Math from a certified board or University.

  • DGCA Pilot Medical

  • Exams in air navigation, air regulations, meteorology, aircraft, engines and signals

  • Hold Flight Radio Operator license

  • 100 hours Pilot in Command time

  • 50 hours Cross Country Pilot in Command flight time

  • 40 hours instrument flight time IFR

  • 5 hours Pilot in Command at night time including 10 landings at night

The fees for this Indian pilot training program are based upon FAA and DGCA course requirements as listed below. For an individual cost estimate, please contact us to speak with one of our Admission Specialists.

Florida Flyers is one the few professional flight training providers not requiring any large upfront payments to enroll. However, a registration, processing and document fee is required upon enrollment. A initial deposit is required upon enrollment, followed by monthly installments. T

Sometimes chemistry is just not right. We will make sure your will receive the most efficient training at all times.

Our Career Programs are designed to be completed within 12 months. However, aircraft availability due to scheduled or unscheduled aircraft maintenance, number of students enrolled, flight instructor availability and other circumstances, such as weather conditions have to be taken into consideration. The form I-20/M1 Visa will give foreign students a maximum of one year to complete the entire program.

It depends on aircraft and flight instructor availablity. Schedule and unscheduled aircraft maintenance as well as weather conditions may delay some of the scheduled flights.

We do not accept more students as we can train. Thus, our flight instructor to student ratio is about 1:4 to 1:5, one flight instructor per 4-5 flight students.

Just fill out our application at our Enrollment website.

India DGCA Pilot Program Dual Hours Solo Hours Fees in USD
Module 1 - Private Pilot Training
Cessna 152 25 10 $5,900
AATD Simulator 5 --
Online Ground School 35 $269
Total 35 Hours PPL Flight Time $6,169
Module 2 - Instrument Rating
Cessna 152 25 $4,750
AATD 15 $2,325
Online Ground School 35 $269
Total 40 Hours Instrument Time $7,344
Module 3 - Hour Building
Cessna 152 Hour Building
Pilot in Command
100 $11,500
Cessna 152 Hour Building
40 $2,449.50
Total 140 Hours Flight Time $13,949.50
Module 4 - Commercial Pilot Single Engine
Cessna 172 G1000 10 $2,450
Ground School 35 $269
Total 10 Hours Flight Time $2,719
Module 5 -Multi Engine Add-on
Piper Seneca I 10 $3,950
Piper Seneca I AATD 15 $2,325
Total 5 $6,275
Total Price DGCA FAA Courses Zero to CPL ME Total Hours Flight 250.00 Total Solo Hours 100 PIC
Total Hours Ground 105

Indian Pilot Training DGCA

Florida Flyers Flight Academy has trained many Pilots in compliance with Indian DGCA Training Standards. Our former students fly as First Officer or Captain for Air India and other international Airlines.

Enrollment Fees

At Florida Flyers, we do not expect large payments for enrollment fees. Our business is based on trust, loyalty and fairness. However, initial deposits, followed by monthly installments are required. 

Student Living

Live with other Flight Students in our Florida Flyers Apartments. Single rooms are being rented for $450 per month. Contact Admission for more information.

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Information about the admission and enrollment process. How to obtain an international Student Visa and Form I-20, information about our Class dates.

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Enrollment Checklist Requirements
Age 18 years to begin; 17 years to receive the Certificate
Pilot Certificate Student Pilot Certificate
Medical 3rd Class FAA Medical, EASA Medical with Audiometry, PBN Training IR
Language You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Non-U.S. Citizen TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & ME
Foreign Flight Students Student Visa/ Form I-20