General FAQ’s

Flight training in the U.S. has been considered essential. Florida Flyers operates normally with safety procedures in place and strictly following CDC guidelines. International students are able to enroll. If the U.S. Embassy in the foreign country is open, M1 Visas may be issued.

To join our programs, you need to have proof of funds and complete our enrollment application. Once your enrollment application is submitted, you will receive a flight training deposit invoice. Depending on your citizenship and kind of program, enrollment deposit amounts may vary. Upon receipt of all required items, such as Passport, enrollment application, deposit payment, a Florida Flyers Admission Specialist will contact you to discuss the further steps.

We offer pricing models. Please check with your Admission specialist which program fits your needs. Our flight instruction and aircraft rates can be found here Equipment

We require a non-refundable $750 admission. In addition, a flight training deposit must be made upon arrival and before your first flight lesson followed by monthly installment payments.

Our professional full-time flight training courses from zero experience to Commercial Pilot with or without Multi Engine Rating (based on the program), are designed to be completed within 12 months. However, scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, aircraft and flight instructor availablity, number of students enrolled and other circumstances, such as weather conditions determine the lenght of the training time. International flight students may stay up to one year with their M1 Visa and Form I-20 to complete the course.

Our Career Programs are designed to be completed within 12 months. However, aircraft availability due to scheduled or unscheduled aircraft maintenance as well as flight instructor availablity combined with your motiviation and progress will determine, how fast you will complete your training with us.

Florida Flyers is authorized to enroll non-immigrant flight students in its programs by issuing a Form I-20 for the M1 Visa (vocational training)

We do not offer financing to international flight students. Student loans are usually issued to individuals who have a credit history in the U.S.

Florida Flyers does not offer scholarships to flight students.

The M1 Visa offers practical training options after completion of the course. For each 4-month period of training, 1 month of OPT (practical work training) or post-completion may be granted by SEVP/U.S. Department of Homeland Security upon request.

The max. practical training time M1 students is 6 months. You will find more information at

After completion of the program, you may obtain the required hours in your home country.

Usually, we try to hire all of our domestic graduates, who hold a valid work authorization, LPR or U.S. Citizenship after completion of their training.

We do not accept more enrollments than we can handle. Our student-instructor ratio is about 1:4, one instructor per four students, but it may varies depending on the number of students enrolled into our programs.

If you are no longer than six (6) month in the U.S.with your current M1 or F1 Visa, we can easily transfer your I-20 to Florida Flyers. This is just an administrative process and can be done online. Within a few days you will be able to start your flight training with us.

For students that have exceeded the six month period, you may obtain a new form I-20 from us and re-enter the U.S. with your new Florida Flyers Form I-20.

We honor transfer students with a bonus of $250 paid into the students account and no admission fees upon enrollment.

M1 Visa students are required to attend a full-course of study. Florida Flyers is authorized to enroll non-immigrant vocational students. Flight students are required to maintain full-time status at all times by conducting a minimum of 22 hours combined flight-and ground training per week as described here.

Florida Flyers pays a commission of $250 for any referral to us.

We operate a fleet up to 25 aircraft and usually have sufficient resources for your flight training. However, aircraft maintenance and other circumstances have to be taken into consideration. Flight training is provided 24/7, ever after regular office hours.

It depends on your training outline and schedule. Our Career Programs have an estimated completion time of 12 months, while single courses may be completed faster. Schedules also depend on aircraft availability due to scheduled or unscheduled aircraft maintenance and other circumstances, such as weather or flight instructor availablity.

Career Pilot students are required to wear a uniform during the week, Mondays to Fridays. No uniform must be worn on weekends.

If you just obtain your Private Pilot Certificate or just an Instrument Rating, no uniform is required. Same for aircraft rental, if you are not enrolled in any career programs.

Hour building is part of some of our Career programs. However, we do not offer hour building packages or aircraft rental outside of our programs to maintain aircraft availability for our students.

Hour building or time building is not considered flight training and will not suffice SEVP full-course of study requirements.

We assist in finding accommodation for your stay. To find suitable accommodation, we recommend St. Augustine Craigslist


Flight and Ground times specified in our course outline for the EASA (frozen) ATPL is included. No exceptions.

You will need to get your class 1 EASA medical before traveling to Florida Flyers or prior to take the EASA practical exam. We recommend to obtain the EASA Class 1 medical at an AeMC in your home country. Contact your EASA authority to locate the nearest AeMC Center. EASA Class 1 Medicals can only be obtained in an AeMC in Europe. We recommend the AeMC in the U.K. or the AeMC in Germany 

MCC and JOC are optional. We offer these services at our facility in Berlin/Germany at the Lufthansa Training Center. Prices are shown below

The ATPL will be issued by the Country that has your EASA medical file.

The skill test/ written test will be taken at our testing facility in Florida.

Just fill out our application at our Enrollment website.