Best EASA Flight Training Programs

The best EASA flight training at Florida Flyers Flight Academy, a Florida Flight School. Our flight school is one of a few flight schools in the U.S. offering both, Federal Aviation Administration flight training as well as EASA European Aviation pilot flight training courses.

With comprehensive EASA Distance Learning Programs, we provide EASA approved flight training for all EASA pilot certificates.

With high fuel prices, unpredictable weather conditions, airport restrictions and landing fees in Europe, obtaining your EASA ATPL (frozen) in sunny Florida will provide hughe advantages. Florida Flyers Flight Academy offers a true fixed-price program from zero flight experience to EASA ATPL (frozen), including all FAA Pilot Certificates.

Our EASA flight training specialists provide full support both, online and in person, during the entire duration of your training.

Start your EASA ATPL Training at the best rated Flight Academies in the U.S. today!

We are looking forward to meeting you at our Florida Flight School Campus soon. 

No, since the ATPL will be issued outside of Germany.

Yes. You will need an EASA Class 1 Medical prior to taking the EASA practical exam. EASA Class 1 Medicals can only be obtained in an AeMC in Europe. We recommend the AeMC in the U.K. or the AeMC in Germany 

You will need to get your class 1 EASA medical before traveling to Florida Flyers. We recommend to obtain the EASA Class 1 medical at an AeMC in your home country. Contact your EASA authority to locate the nearest AeMC Center

MCC and JOC are optional. We offer these services at our facility in Berlin/Germany at the Lufthansa Training Center. Prices are shown below

The ATPL will be issued by the Country that has your EASA medical file after completion of the training.

The skill test/ written test will be taken at our testing facility in Florida.

Just fill out our application at our Enrollment website.

EASA Pilot Programs Dual Hours Solo Hours Fees in USD
Module 1 - Private Pilot Training
Cessna 152 (Pilot weight limit 185lbs) 25 21.5
Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 Option 25 22
EASA Ground School 60
Class Room Ground 5
Briefing/Debriefing 5
Course Fees $9,522.50
Module 2 - Instrument Rating
Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 40
Online Ground School 35
Class Room Ground 10
Briefing and Debriefing 5
Course Fees $10,481.80
Module 3 - Commercial Pilot Single Engine FAR Par 141.55(d)
Cessna 172 G1000 32 10
Class Room Ground 23
Briefing/Debriefing 5
Course Fees $15,667.80
Module 4 -Multi Engine Add-on
Piper Seminole 16.5
Piper SenecaI Option 16.5
Class Room Ground 5
Briefing/Debriefing 3
Course Fees $7,138.10
Module 5 - EASA Training
Multi VFR Seminole 15
Multi IFR Seminole 15
VFR Single C172 G1000 15
Class Room Ground 15
Briefing/Debriefing 15
EASA Brush-up Zoom Online 3 included
EASA Examiner Fees
EASA Distance Ground
Course Fees $73,615.70
Other EASA Training Expenses
MCC (2-student crew required)
25h Theory / 20h SIM per crew of 2
$3,290 (not included)
LH Training Center Berlin
MCC + JOC (2-student crew required)
29h Theory / 30h SIM per crew of 2
$4,390 (not included)
LH Training Center Berlin
JOC (2-student crew required)
04h Theory / 10h SIM per crew of 2
$1,290 (not included)
LH Training Center Berlin
TSA Foreign Student ME CPL
$130 x 2
Fingerprinting NATA $99
FAA Medical Exam $130
Record Keeping
$45/month x 12
Training Materials $800
FAA Examiner fees
$700 each x 4
FAA Written Exam
$160 each x 3
Total Price EASA Courses Ab Initio to EASA ATPL Total Hours Flight 200 Total Hours Theory 156 $79,124.70

EASA Pilot Training

Florida Flyers Flight Academy is proud to provide training leading to an EASA (frozen) ATPL. Students will be able to receive both, EASA and FAA certificates after completion of the course.

Class Dates

Classes fill up quickly for our fixed-price programs. Please allow about 45 days between your enrollment application was received and your desired class date. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

Student Living

Live with other Flight Students in our Florida Flyers Apartments. Single rooms are being rented for $750 per month. Contact Admission for more information.

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Information about the admission and enrollment process. How to obtain an international Student Visa and Form I-20, information about our Class dates.

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Enrollment Checklist Requirements
Age 18 years to begin; 17 years to receive the Certificate
Pilot Certificate Student Pilot Certificate
Medical 3rd Class FAA Medical, EASA Medical with Audiometry, PBN Training IR
Language You must be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Meet FAA AC60-28.
Non-U.S. Citizen TSA Clearance for Private, Instrument & ME
Foreign Flight Students Student Visa/ Form I-20