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Is there any age limitation for applying to your aviation academy ?

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my question is regarding the age if there'r any age limitation for applying to your aviation academy ?

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lordsky 01/01/2024 8:24 am

please i have 59 years old, is it possible to become instructor FI? thank you

Florida Flyers Team 02/01/2024 10:00 am

@hakim Happy New Year! Absolutely! There is no age limit on the CFI training or working as Flight Instructor. You will need to hold Private Pilot, preferably Instrument Rating Aircraft, Commercial Pilot Certificate prior to starting the CFI Academy to become a certified flight instructor.

We are offering a fast-track CFI Academy and flight instructor training at a fixed price. Our CFI flight instructor training is about 2-week long (full-time) and is offered at a fixed price of $7,900. You will need both Flight Instructor written tests, FOI Fundamentals of Instruction and CFI written exam to be completed as well as having your spin training completed prior to enrollment. Please find more information here: https://flightschoolusa.com/cfi-flight-instructor-training/

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No. There is not age limit. However, if you want to pursue a professional pilot career as an airline pilot, the age limit is currently 65 years.

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