Florida Flyers flight school customers say we offer the Florida Flyers Flight Academy all-inclusive “No worries” package. That is precisely what our business is built on and what makes Florida Flyers truly special.

We took careful note of what customers wanted: all-inclusive service, meticulously maintained, reliable, readily available aircraft at affordable rates, and most importantly, personalized, friendly service that recognized and responded to their individual needs. We found that flight schools tended to fall into two categories: large, impersonal “pilot factories” that churned out hundreds of students hoping to fly for the airlines, and older, traditional flight schools.

In a fiercely competitive market like aviation, it is abundantly clear that if we want to succeed, we needed to bring something new to the table and deliver outstanding customer service.

Introducing the all-inclusive
“No worries” package

Preparing for your arrival

Long before you arrive, we make sure you receive all of your instructional materials to prepare for your high-quality flight training with us. We can answer questions, help you fill out forms, give you advice on flight destinations, help you choose the appropriate aircraft for your needs, and most importantly, we can give you an honest and objective assessment of what course is right for you.


Your wish is our command: We can book a hotel, motel, or vacation home near the beach for you and your family before you arrive. We have personally inspected each and every property we suggest and have negotiated special discounts exclusively for Florida Flyers Flight Academy® customers.

Customer Service

Do you need an airport transfer to or from your arrival or departure airport? Do you want to rent a car for your stay? How about a bicycle to ride back and forth to the beach? No problem! We’d be glad to take care of that for you.


Need tips on what to see? How about reservations at a great restaurant, or tickets to local attractions and special events? Just another service we provide with a smile!

There are a lot of flight schools out there, but none of them can match our level of service. Period.

Meet other Students and the Team

How does an evening barbecue sound? We put on flight school dinners where our customers can talk to each other and share their flying experiences—and make new friends. We can tell you just where to buy that great souvenir T-shirt, which restaurant gives you the best view of the sunset, and where to fly for a weekend getaway. That is the level of service we provide – and we do it gladly with a smile.

We gladly provide references and we look forward to meeting you at Florida Flyers Flight Academy soon.